Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Discussing Jameis Winston's Improvements

Which areas has Winston improved the most in?


On Wednesday, several Buccaneers took the podium at One Buccaneer Place in Tampa to meet with members of the media, including Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter and quarterback Jameis Winston.

Koetter took the stand first and right off the bat, he was asked about which areas his rookie QB has improved most in. Koetter's didn't single out one particular facet of Winston's game, saying that his signal-caller simply needs more reps and as many different looks as he can get.

"Jameis is getting better every day," Koetter said. "I anticipate that he will continue to get better, not just through the preseason, but throughout the season. Jameis just needs to see more looks. When we go against other teams, we've practiced against our own defense several times, it's great for him to go against other defenses with other looks. We don't see everything we are going to see during the season from our own defense. The different looks and different coverages – that sort of thing.

"That's one of Jameis' strengths though. Jameis is a football player. I think he is leading us in rushing touchdowns and not leading us in touchdown passes. That guy is a football player. He (needs to) just see more looks."

Winston was initially asked the same question, and had a somewhat similar answer, saying he has several things he's working on, not just one. If he had to pick one specific area he's improved in, though, he said it would have to be his footwork.

"Just my drops, being on rhythm with the receivers," Winston said. "I've definitely improved on that."

Winston should see significant time this Saturday against the Browns, possibly playing into the second half. Head Coach Lovie Smith wouldn't say whether or not his starters would play in the team's fourth preseason game, but did say that, traditionally, his first team, "didn't' play an awful lot." That being said, Saturday could be the last time Winston plays for an extended period until the Bucs host the Titans in the regular season opener.

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