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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Doug Martin Hosts Private Chat with Fans

Martin connects with Bucs fans using Twitter's private DM feature.


On Friday afternoon, a select group of Buccaneers fans were invited to a private chat with running back Doug Martin. The team hosted several lucky fans, including a handful of season pass members, in a group DM on Twitter.

Twitter unrolled their private DM feature earlier this year and the Bucs have, on three different occasions including Friday, allowed fans to chat exclusively with a player. Linemen Ali Marpet and Donovan Smith spoke with fans earlier this season.

Martin answered a handful of questions, including those about his interests outside of football, his plans for his post-playing career and his goals for this Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

What is it, exactly, that Martin likes to do outside of the Bucs' practice facility?

"I enjoy going on YouTube and looking at a bunch of random videos," Martin said. "I've been getting really into astronomy, studying galaxies and black holes and interstellar travel and stuff like that."

How about his plans for after his playing career is done?

"Off the field, I'd like to eventually run my own business down the line," he said."

The Buccaneers will be offering more private chats throughout the season. To make sure you don't miss out, make sure to follow the team on Twitter.

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