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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Game Quotes


Opening Statement: "One of the more gutsy performances I've seen from the team. A lot of things were up against them today. They just kept playing their guts out and crowding. Five takeaways and a blocked punt and we needed every bit of it to win. My hat's off to that group in the secondary with (Keith) Tandy, (Kelcie) McCray, (Johnthan) Banks, (Danny) Gorrer, Leonard (Johnson) and Mark Barron. Adam Hayward steps in and does a really good job. Barron had something early in the game. He played through the game in pain. We were short-handed today and just an incredible persistence by these guys and I thought Mike Glennon did a very good job of taking care of the football. He was fierce and held on to the football and didn't force it. He took the shots when they were there and hit the deep hole which we needed to do. That was about the way we were going to be able to win that game and the guys played their guts out."
On after CB Darrelle Revis left the game: "Well, there was a lot of discussion because that was probably the most individualized game plan that we put together so far with Revis on (Calvin) Johnson. When you do that, it affects all the other people because they're playing complementary to that so it's hard to go back. We talked a lot about it. We just felt that Johnthan Banks was the guy to it and (Ka'Lial) Glaud was the guy who stepped up. He made the first play and made a mistake and he adjusted it for the exact same play later in the game and he knocked it down. That's a sign of a guy who listens the most."
On FS Kelcie McCray: "Kelcie actually is in the game because of the guys that went missing. Kelcie was in on our third down sub package. He practiced the whole week and he has been in games before. I think it was Miami maybe that he was in there. He's played in games already for us and he doesn't say a lot, just does his job."

On the reports made by FOX regarding Revis' injury not being his groin since he was icing his knee: "It was just maintenance. It wasn't the knee."
On how the team is turning around: "I think it's the leadership. I've said that over and over again. They can see Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, Vincent Jackson, Davin Joseph, you go down the list with guys in the veteran leaders and the younger leaders who set a tone at practice. Our guys work incredibly hard in the meeting room and walk through the practice field. I know everybody says that. Our guys do it. Our guys put forth a lot of effort. We ask an awful lot of them. That's why to be playing on our team you got to love football. Otherwise, it's too much. These guys have done what we have asked. I think when your leaders do that, everybody else follows."
On the message that was given to the secondary to take over the second half: "Don't just reemphasize what our major coaching point all week was. If you're the deep part of the coverage, maximum depth, maximum depth so you can play and help on their good receivers. When 13 (Nate Burleson) came back which we knew as the week went on and when he got injured, he had the most catches on the team and that was a huge thing. For Leonard (Johnson) to be able to matchup with him in the slot, and they did some different things to try to play Calvin (Johnson) one-on-one and it was a little bit of chess match. I thought Darrelle (Revis) played really, really well before he got injured. You can tell all week that he was ready to go. It's a shame because that was a heck of a matchup, but then you see the opportunity it made for some other guys."
On how much the pass rush helped with the picks: "I think a lot. We sacked them twice. He had only been sacked I think 12 times the whole year. 10 or 12 times, it was 12. We got him twice. I thought the pressure that was put on him, and again we probably could have had four or five had we not lost contain on a few of them. We're getting better at it. I guess everybody can stand up here and say we lost containment and that happens. It was huge. When you can alter the throw just a little bit with the hands up or whatever we do to alter the throw and get him off the spot and make him move his feet, as we have talked about many times, the coverage in the rush kind of go hand-in-hand."
On taking personal satisfaction in the team's turnaround: "Well we have, but we have to keep going. There is no sitting back and saying, 'Oh well we have played. They're really a fine football team in the Carolina Panthers. We have already shifted our focus there. We're going to learn from this game because there is a lot to learn from. We have some things that we didn't do very well today. We'll really crank it up because they are one of the best teams playing right now."
On missed opportunities and the offense: "If you lose the game, you immediately look back at those two situations and say that, 'that's what lost the game." It was going to take the amount of takeaways we had to win that game today and up to that last one. My hat's off to the secondary, the way they performed."
On struggling with the running game: "We have been running the ball very well. Today wasn't the case. I think Detroit did a very good job. I have to watch the tape obviously, but I think Detroit almost stormed the castle. They had guys in every gap, but it's also why some of those balls went over the top. When you do that, you put yourself in a compromised position and you have to have a quarterback that can get it there. He hit them on the money twice. That's what you need. You don't need to it that many times if you hit him."


On the win over the Lions:  "That's one of the best passing offenses in the League with one of the best quarterbacks and one of the best receivers of this time. When (Darrelle) Revis went down, guys stepped up. Can't say enough about Johnthan Banks. To play against that caliber of a player and to come in with that play at the end, that's big time. Our defense is playing really well right now on all levels. The front four, the linebackers and the secondary."

On the deep pass to WR Tiquan Underwood: "We have been saving that one. We felt that we were going to have it. They gave us the exact look that we were wanting for. He just did a great job of getting open. Put the ball on him and he made a play. I couldn't see from my angle, it looked like he broke a tackle or two. Te'o (Daniel Te'o-Nesheim) really stepped up big today with their game planning and defense, it was hard to get him the ball. With that being said, we knew that other guys were going to have to step up. Both him and Tim Wright were able to do it."

On the lack of a running game putting more pressure on him: "That's a great front four. I believe they're second in the League against the rush, so we knew it was going to be a challenge going in it. With that, we knew we were going to have to hit our shots, we were going to have to hit our plays in the pass game to be effective as an offense and we did that."

On the last sack he took: "It was third-and-short. Caught them on the fringe of a field goal. I believe there was about four minutes and 40 seconds left. In the Miami game, I threw it out of bounds and it kind of all went through my head in a spilt second about if I should throw it away or if I should take a sack and let the clock run and after the Miami game, I felt it was best to get down and let the clock run."


On the biggest difference in this team between earlier in the season and now: "I don't know. I can only go by when I got here. I don't know. The guys just continue to fight and come in and work hard every day. That's all it took was that one win to get it started. Like I said, I've been through the losing and whatever. I know how it is. You just have to keep fighting and keep fighting. Eventually, everything will go your way. Once you get a taste of that first win, it's like a norm and you want that feeling every time."

On his success resulting in different looks defensively: "Like I said, we're going to continue to win and be us. We'll adapt to whatever they have planned for us throughout the game. We're going to go in to it and continue to do the things that we do best. Running the ball and play-action pass the ball all of our games. We're not concerned about force. No one is stopping the run or whatever. We'll just adapt to it and go to the other thing that we need to go to."

On the defense: "Great all around effort on the defensive side. That's what I can say. It's a great team win for us. The special teams and the play we did on offense and the defense stepped up huge for us today."

On having support from the team: "You're going to have your downs. You can get discouraged from that. We know that. They've been through that. I've been through that. You can't get disturbed. You know what you have to do and you know what it takes to do it. You have to go out and do it and keep everybody up, I'm going to say momentum and everything and whatever and just get to plan. You can't let one thing bring you down. You just have to continue to fight and keep lifting your teammates up."


On not having a team a few weeks ago to scoring touchdowns today:"I never gave up on God and I never gave up on the talents that he blessed me with. I am just fortunate to have the opportunity to play for this organization again. Hats off to our o-line, Mike Glennon and just this team. No matter what our record is, no matter what the score is in a game we just continue to fight and we are going to continue to do the same thing."

On his 85-yard touchdown:"We got the coverage we were looking for and Mike (Glennon) put the ball on the money, he threw a great pass. From there it was all she wrote. It happened so fast. I just caught it and just tried to run away. I just kept running, man."

On if QB Mike Glennon is the future of the team:"You can put that to bed. Mike Glennon, hats off to him. He comes in each week, studying, working hard and just putting in the time that a quarterback is supposed to put in. It is showing on the field now and I am really happy for him."


On going on the road and beating a good Lions team:"It is a great road win for us. We just have to take it one week at a time. Every week you have a tough challenge ahead of you whether you are at home or on the road. Obviously coming into an environment like this, these guys have been playing well and it always feels good to win in someone else's house.  For us it is just about getting some wins."
On the positives of the game: "We had some guys go down and weren't able to play this game. We had some backup guys come in and play huge. We played complete football, made some plays on special teams, defense played well, offense made big plays when we needed too. A complete football game like that is great to see."

On the game plan going into the game:"We just had to be balanced. We wanted to take care of the football and get as many takeaways as we could. I think we got about four or five today from them. For ourselves, not turning the ball over, which I think we did a pretty good job of, and steal one or two big plays on special teams. Eric Page did a great job returning the ball today, we blocked a punt and got some great field position. Unfortunately the field goals didn't come out great for us but our defense stepped up."


On the play that injured him and forced him out of the game:"I felt something then, but I didn't think it was anything major and then the next play, he (Lions WR Calvin Johnson) went out and a backup receiver came in and ran a go-again and that's when I really felt it."  

On his injury:"Groin, I don't know what's up with it. We'll figure out tomorrow what's the problem."
On if the injury is frustrating:"Oh yeah, it's definitely frustrating, because I want to be out there and help my team win and compete. An injury, especially a groin, where it's a running motion, you can't really do nothing about it. I was having fun, I'm sure he (Calvin Johnson) was too. I wish we could have finished it off, but I got injured."
On the defense's performance:"Awesome job. The secondary did an awesome job, the defense did an awesome job. I tip my hat off to those guys. Leonard (Johnson) made an awesome interception, took it in for six (points). (Kelcie McCray) with the fumble, Those guys really stepped up and played big for us, which is key."

On the defense hanging with Lions WR Calvin Johnson:"I think just sticking to the game plan. The guys executed it well with guys being banged up or being injured. You have to tip your hat off to the guys who stepped up, they played an awesome game. Johnthan Banks had a great interception at the end to seal it and those guys stuck to the game plan. It's great, you have to tip your hat off to those guys."


On FS Kelcie McCray's play at the end of the game:"It was a huge play. I saw Calvin Johnson come back and make a play on it and the next thing I know, I see McCray come hit him and the ball came out. I really couldn't tell what happened. I couldn't tell if he caught the ball and then went down, I don't know if it was a fumble or interception or what."

On the defense making plays:"That's our whole team. Every time you get a chance to make a play you have to step up and make it. Whenever you are out there you have to make the most of your opportunity because you don't know if it will be your last opportunity."
On his interception:"We were in the red zone and I was trying to disguise the coverage and we had seen them setting the play up for a while like on film. We came in there and 81, Calvin Johnson, looked like he was wide open so he threw him the ball and I broke on it and it felt like the ball came right to me. I couldn't believe it."


On finishing the season strong:"You have to finish strong. You finish strong, you'll be heading into 2014 with a great mindset. We have a great football team and you look around this locker room, we have a great group of character guys, leaders everywhere. Once this season finishes out, then roll over into 2014, we're going to hit the ground running."  
On a tough season like this making the team stronger:"Obviously we didn't want to start the season 0-8, but things happen. It was a test from God and we had to step up. We're coming back strong now."  

On his interception in the first quarter:"Actually Leonard Johnson made the play on the football. It went through his (Lions WR Nate Burleson) hands and it hit his shoulder pads and it bounced up in the air, and when I saw it, it was in my zone, so I dove for it and made a great play."  

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