Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Head Coach Bruce Arians Media Availability - Monday, August 19, 2019

Below is a transcript from Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians. Full video of press conferences can be found on Buccaneers.com.

*Head Coach Bruce Arians                                        *

(Opening statement)

"[It has been] a good week of work so far. We're obviously changing the schedule into a game-style week, so it's new for everybody, but the tempo of practice both days was really good. [We] basically finished a little bit early. [We have a] good test coming up. We'll see how long we play [the starters] – that will depend on how well we do. I've never set in stone how many plays we're going to play or how long we're going to play. I've got to feel for that at the game."

(On if weather plays a factor in how long he plays the starters in a preseason game)

"No, we've got to play in it. [There's] probably a good chance we're going to have it in September."

(On if he is more inclined to rest players dealing with a minor injury)

"[It] depends how minor – if it's a bump or bruise, he'll play. If it's a legitimate injury, he wouldn't play."

(On if he was happy to see WR Scotty Miller return to practice)

"Yeah, it was good to see him back. He was limited, Ruben Holcomb was back limited, so a couple of guys started to make some progress coming back."

(On if it was critical for Scotty Miller to return before the third preseason game)

"Yeah, you answered your own question."

(On how much catching up Scotty Miller has to do)

"A lot – he hasn't played. He missed two games and a lot of practice time – all that time against the Dolphins – so he's got a lot of making up to do."

(On WR Mike Evans and RB Ronald Jones not practicing today)

"Ronald's knee swelled up a little bit and [we're] just trying to take it day-to-day with him. Mike tweaked yesterday, so we'll see how [he is] – nothing serious."

(On if their injuries are serious enough to sit them in Friday's preseason game)

"We'll see how it is. We've got a few more days. I think Ronald [Jones] probably is going to be OK. I'm not sure about Mike [Evans]."

(On is he wants to get WR Emanuel Hall an extended look in Friday's preseason game)

"No, he won't know enough to get an extended look. He'll get a look, but he's getting a lot of looks in practice."

(On what he's seen from DL Terry Beckner Jr.)

"Terry's been really solid. He's more of an inside player. I'd like to see him have a little more position flexibility, but he's a three [technique] and a nose [tackle], and getting his hands [and] batting a lot of balls down."

(On S Mike Edwards' health progression)

"Your guess is as good as mine. I'm not a doctor – I just know he's out."

(On how DL Rakeem Nunez-Roches has played through the first two preseason games)

"Don't jinx him, but [he's been] pretty damn good. He played a lot of plays and he played really well. He's maximized his opportunities in practice and in the games."

(On if he can see RB Dare Ogunbowale's drive to make the team after being cut seven times in the NFL)

"Yeah, he's probably been as hurt as the guys that have missed practice [and] he hasn't missed any. That tells me a lot. I don't buy into the past – I only buy into what I see – and what I've seen of him, you wouldn't guess those things."

(On ILB Jack Cichy returning after tearing his ACL for the second time)

"Yeah, he battled that rehab hard and showed up in special teams, and he's one of those high-motor guys I like."

(On if it is difficult to evaluate OLB Anthony Nelson because of his injury)

"I've evaluated him enough, it's just time for him to get back whenever he can."

(On if he would prefer to go into a season with hype around the team or be under the radar)

"What's it worth? It doesn't mean anything, either way. If it helps sell tickets, give us some more hype."

(On where he's seen progress from CB Jamel Dean)

"Catching the front half of the ball instead of the back half. He tried to catch the back half of another one today. Just his ball skills alone have improved dramatically from college and that was one of the things we loved about him – his length and turning and batting balls away. He made a great interception the other night, and the other one was just too damn easy."

(On if catching the front half of the ball comes from anticipation)

"Yeah, just finding it. It's just, when you're running and you're turning, find the ball, and when you're facing it, it's a whole lot easier."

(On his evaluation of QBs Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Griffin)

"Yeah, I've got a ton of confidence in Blaine – he won some games for us, and big games against teams that went to the playoffs that year. It's only the second time he's been in the same offense in nine years, so he's got that recall [and] he's played at full speed for us. Griff had gotten better and better, and I don't care who you're playing with – when you do the things he's done in two-minute [drives], it's noteworthy."

(On if it is an anomaly that Griffin is entering his sixth season and hasn't had many opportunities to play)

"That's the thing – normally, when a guy's been in the same system, he can really function for you. Kelly Holcomb wasn't quite that long, but it took him a few years to get his opportunity, then every time he played he threw for 400 [yards] – Griff [is] probably the same type of guy."

(On if it has hurt OLB Jason Pierre-Paul to not be around the team while rehabbing an injury)

"No, because he knows how to rush the passer and that's all he's going to do. He'll know where to line up. I don't want him getting bumped on the sideline or anything else."

(On if he has talked to Pierre-Paul recently and has an update on his progress)

"Yes. [I have] nothing really to tell progress-wise, but I have talked to him."

(On if he likes having one cut-down day as opposed to a tiered system)

"Yeah – to play that last preseason game, yes."

(On if he is willing to cut players before the fourth preseason game)

"No, we'll need everybody for that fourth game."

(On if he sits all of the starters in the fourth preseason game)

"Traditionally, [I will] sit them all."

(On if he can envision both K Matt Gay and K Cairo Santos kicking in the NFL this season)

"I don't think there's any doubt. The first long field goal this week will go to Cairo."