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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Words

Head Coach Tony Dungy had some final thoughts for his team Saturday before the team headed off to Washington


Head Coach Tony Dungy had some final thoughts for his team before they boarded a plane for the nation's capital

Now that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are considered prime Super Bowl contenders, every practice and media session the team holds is attended by a legion of media.

There's one exception: Saturday morning. After a week of full-scale practices, the Bucs hold a simple and brief walk-through on Saturday morning. To be fair, it is hardly worthy of press coverage, just a 45-minute run-down of formations and plays. Jogging is the top speed reached.

However, it is considered an important session by Head Coach Tony Dungy, who wants his team to be sharp in its decision-making. Furthermore, it is one more opportunity for Dungy to deliver the week's message to his team. was in attendance on Sunday, and learned Dungy's final words to his team before they set out for a crucial game in Washington.

"We just talked about our mindset going up there and what it's going to get a victory in a tough place. I think the players understand and we'll be ready to go."

And what is that mindset? Basically, it mirrors the one the team took into the Silverdome two weeks ago.

"We're going to have one of determination," said Dungy. "You never know how the game's going to unfold, but it's going to be noisy and loud. It will be a tough environment like Detroit, and we'll have to go in there with the same frame of mind that we took into Detroit."

Twenty minutes after sharing his thoughts for the team, Dungy boarded a bus to begin the trip to Washington. Hopefully, he got his message across first.

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