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New Facility Q&A

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled plans for a new team facility, due for completion before the 2006 season. What are some of the site’s key figures and features?


The weight room at the Bucs' new facility will be twice the size of the team's current weight room


The following is a list of questions and answers regarding the new, 145,000-square-foot training facility that will soon house the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

1. Where is the new facility located?

The facility will be built on the Tampa Bay Center mall site across the street from Raymond James Stadium.

2. What is the estimated timeline of project?

We are currently projecting completion within 18-24 months from the date we break ground on the new building.

3. When will construction begin?

Construction is scheduled to begin upon selection of a Builder and approval of the plans by the Tampa Sports Authority and the local regulatory agencies.

We are moving forward with the permitting process, and anticipate construction could begin this fall.

4. When will the organization enter the new facility?

We have not established an exact move-in date at this time, since the completion date will be contingent upon the firm(s) ultimately selected as the Builder. However, our goal is to move in by the start of the 2006 season.

5. What are the total costs of the project?

Current estimates are approximately $30 million.

6. Who will pay for the facility?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will pay all costs above the $12 million that has already been approved and set aside by the Tampa Sports Authority from the Community Investment Tax.

7. How many practice fields will there be?

Two natural turf fields and one artificial turf are currently planned.

8. Will the fields be lighted?

The practice fields will be equipped with lights. There are very few nighttime practices ever planned; nighttime practices are rarely required because all of the NFL-stadium fields are so well lit.

9. Will there be an indoor practice field?

We are currently evaluating the possibility of enclosing one of the fields for conducting practices during inclement weather.

10. How large is the facility?

The Buccaneers practice facility will be approximately 145,155 square feet.

As a comparison, the Baltimore Ravens training facility currently under construction is estimated at 115,000 SF. The Atlanta Falcons training facility completed in 2000 totals 75,000 SF, the St. Louis Rams facility completed in 1996 totals 90,000 SF. The Miami Dolphins' facility totals 93,452 SF.

The new two-story training facility will be designed to accommodate our current space needs, as well as expansion and growth needs. Through extensive evaluation of other NFL-training facilities, we learned that room for growth and expansion was not always planned for and was a primary shortfall in many of the NFL facilities we visited.

One Buccaneer Place currently totals 42,320 SF.

11. How big will the locker room be?

The locker room will accommodate up to 100 players, with 70 permanent lockers and 30 temporary lockers and will be approximately 7,000 SF.

12. How big will the weight room be?

The weight room will be approximately 10,000 SF, and will include the latest weight training equipment. It will include multiple strength-building lift stations, a free weight lifting area and a cardio/aerobic workout area. Large glass doors will allow the weight room to be opened and naturally ventilated during cooler weather.

13. How will the facility affect parking on game day?

The construction of the training facility will not have any impact on event-parking at Raymond James Stadium. The existing parking at the western half of the Tampa Bay Center mall site will still be available.

14. Will Tampa Bay Center's HARTLine bus terminal be impacted by the new training facility?

The HARTLine bus terminal will not be impacted by the construction of the new facility.

15. Is it possible that the training camp might be held at the facility someday?

Currently we do not envision this practice facility being used for pre-season training camp.

In the past, training camp was held at the University of Tampa. The Buccaneers have recently extended the agreement to conduct training camp at Disney's Wide World of Sports. Due to the intensity of pre-season camp, it is important for the players to come together as a team and we currently believe this is best accomplished off-site.

16. Will practice now be open to fans and media during the season?

Practices will remain closed to the general public.

17. Will there be a separate area inside the building equipped with facilities for the media?

We will be incorporating a media center, a team statistic/resource library, and several soundproof interview rooms, as well as a studio for coaches shows, press conferences, etc., that are equipped with lighting and direct-video hook-ups to TV satellite uplink trucks.

18. Who will be the general contractor for the facility?

During the next few months, we will be going through a formal selection process in conjunction with the Tampa Sports Authority to make a selection.

19. How will the bid process take place for building the facility?

Construction of the facility will utilize local labor forces. Subcontractor bids will be handled directly by the Builder that is ultimately selected for the project.

20. Will the mall be demolished, and if so, when?

Approximately one-third of the existing Tampa Bay Center mall will need to be demolished to construct the new training facility. Further studies are being conducted to determine whether or not the remainder of the mall will be demolished. There is nothing further currently planned for the site.

Demolition is anticipated to be completed during the summer of 2004.

21. Will the new facility have a name?

The permanent name of the facility may include a corporate sponsor, which is quite common (i.e. Philadelphia - Novacare Complex, Tennessee - Baptist Sports Park).


Comparison of One Buccaneer Place to the Planned New Facility

Facility Site (acres)7.0 acres14.2 acres
Practice Fields2 natural turf2 natural turf, 1 artificial (future)
Parking Spaces179 (incl. off-site parking) 332
*Building**Sq. Footage Breakdown*
Locker Room3,2007,000
No. of Lockers (permanent) 54 lockers70 lockers
No of Lockers (temporary) 36 lockers30 lockers
Weight Room5,30010,000
Team Training1,1505,000
Team Auditorium (included above)4,000
Player Lounge7701,400
Team Dining and KitchenNone5,600
Coaches' StudioNone1,800
Coaches' Lockers(included above) 2,600
Draft RoomNone1,000
Media and Interview Rooms1,2003,700
Total Square Footage*42,320 SF*145,155 SF*
  • Includes other areas not listed above
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