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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New West Stadium Club, Team Store on Display Against Browns

The Buccaneers' unveiled several new upgrades at Raymond James Stadium on Saturday.

Pictures of the Buccaneers’ brand new team store.

On Saturday, the Buccaneers' formally unveiled their brand-new West Stadium Club to the public. The Club had been showcased to members of the media earlier in the week but was opened to the public for the first time at Raymond James Stadium on Saturday when the Buccaneers' hosted the Browns in Week 3 of the preseason.

Pictures of the Buccaneers' enhanced locker room.

The West Stadium Club is a key part of the sweeping renovations that have been going on at Raymond James Stadium. A year ago, several upgrades were made, including brand-new, state-of-the-art video boards. On Saturday, as the West Stadium club was opened, the Buccaneers' brand new team store was also opened. Tampa Bay showcased an upgraded locker room, along with renovations to the team's press box as well.

The Buccaneers' team store will be open to the public Thursday through Sunday every week, opening at 10 a.m. and closing at 6 p.m. Those who made it out to the team's preseason game against the Browns and had the opportunity to take in the new team store in person were impressed with what they saw.

"I heard about the team store from the Buccaneers' app and really wanted to come by," said Ozzy, the first fan to make a purchase at the new store. "It's really organized and I love it. There's a lot of variety and a lot of stuff that I haven't been able to find in other stores."

"As soon as I walked in all of the staff members in the store were there and able to help me find what I needed. I was over by the jerseys and was trying to figure out which one I was going for. Someone came in and told me about the different types of jerseys that there were and really laid it out for me and helped me make my decision on what I wanted."

The Buccaneers' old locker room will still be used by the University of South Florida, who uses Raymond James Stadium as their home field. For more information about the Buccaneers' new West Stadium Club, click here. For more information about the Buccaneers' team store, click here.

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