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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Playoff Update: Bucs Get NFC East Champ with Week 17 Win

The Buccaneers would clinch the top Wild Card spot with a win over Atlanta next Sunday, which would mean a first-round matchup with the winner of the NFC East, which can still be one of three teams


There is still much to be decided in the NFC playoff field, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers know two things for sure:

1. They have already clinched one of the conference's three Wild Card spots thanks to their 47-7 thrashing of Detroit on Sunday.

2. If they beat Atlanta in Week 17 they will be the top Wild Card, which is the fifth seed in the conference. That would guarantee an opening-round game against the champion of the NFC East.

The NFC East has not yet been decided thanks to Washington's 20-13 loss to Carolina on Sunday and the Dallas Cowboys' 37-17 win over Philadelphia. Washington will still win the division with a victory over Philadelphia next Sunday, but if the Football Team loses the title will go to the winner of the Cowboys-Giants game in the Meadowlands.

That means that the Buccaneers could still be playing at Dallas, New York or Washington to start the postseason if they beat Atlanta. That would also be true if the Buccaneers lose to Atlanta but the Los Angeles Rams also lose to Arizona in Week 17.

If the Buccaneers lose to Atlanta and the Rams beat Arizona, the Buccaneers will be the sixth seed. That would lead to a matchup with the third seed in the NFC. At this point, that could still be the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints or Seattle Seahawks.

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