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NFLN: Evans #3 WR of '14-'15 Draft Classes broke down the top 10 wide receivers of the 2014 and 2015 draft classes.

Check out all 12 of Rookie of the Year Nominee Mike Evans' touchdowns from the 2014 season.

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Daniel Jeremiah is NFL Media's point man when it comes to analyzing draft prospects; he's been putting together mock drafts and updating his top 50 prospects on a regular basis since the end of the regular season.

Headlined by Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., and Sammy Watkins, the 2014 wide receiver draft class, according to Jeremiah, was "one of the best the league has ever seen".

But with players like Amari Cooper, Kevin White and DeVante Parker, many analysts believe this year's crop of receivers could be even beter.

So where does Evans, who set a Buccaneer record with 12 receiving touchdowns during his rookie season, rank among the best receivers of 2014 and 2015? Jeremiah said No. 3.

"A power forward playing football," he wrote. "Evans has the unique ability to box people out and highpoint the football -- it's no fluke that he scored 12 touchdowns last season. He's one of those guys that when he's covered, he's open, just because of his rare ball skills. And don't let his big body fool you -- this 6-5, 231-pounder can move. He clocked an impressive 4.53 40 at the 2014 combine, and his game speed is every bit as fast as that Underwear Olympics figure."

In 2014, Evans became the youngest player in NFL history to earn 1,000 receiving yards in a single season. But he hopes his best days are ahead of him.

"I'm very proud. It's something to build on for next year," Evans said following the Bucs' final game of 2014. "Hopefully that number [receiving yards] can keep going up."

Beckham Jr., who won the Rookie of the Year award last season, came in at No. 1 on Jeremiah's list while Watkins, the top receiver off the board in 2014, was ranked No. 2. **

1. Odell Beckham Jr. – Giants
2. Sammy Watkins – Bills
3. Mike Evans, Buccaneers
4. Kevin White, West Virginia
5. Amari Cooper, Alabama

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