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Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Rampant, unfounded rumors regarding the sale of the Buccaneers prompt an emphatic response from the team


Owner/President Malcolm Glazer (right) and his family want to celebrate championships with the Buccaneers and have no intention of selling the franchise

Let's put this as plainly as possible: The Glazer Family has not sold the Tampa Bay Buccaneers nor is it planning to.

In fact, the Glazer Family has not had a single discussion with any individuals, corporations or financiers about selling the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Team ownership remains committed to its goal of bringing a Super Bowl Championship to the Bay area and will continue to pursue that goal with the Buccaneers into the future.

Buccaneers Executive Vice Presidents Joel and Edward Glazer met with representatives of the local newsmedia on Tuesday afternoon to express their family's unswerving dedication to leading the Buccaneers into the new millennium. Though it is rare for a franchise to respond so directly to unsubstantiated rumors, the team felt it was important to assure its fans that its leadership is stable and committed.

"I want to make this perfectly clear to everyone," said Joel Glazer. "The Buccaneers have not been sold and are not for sale. This team is going to be owned and operated by the Glazer Family for many years to come, and this is the last time that we will ever address this topic."

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