Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Out of Its Shell

The Buccaneers unveiled a six-foot fiberglass turtle at Raymond James Stadium on Tuesday as part of a program to raise awareness about the endangered species


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders pose with the new six-foot turtle that was unveiled outside the south end zone of Raymond James Stadium on Tuesday

We've got a little Buccaneer trivia competition for you, and your opponent is a fifth-grade class from Tampa Bay Boulevard Elementary, a school within walking distance of Raymond James Stadium.

Feeling pretty confident?

Ready to show those fifth-graders a thing or two about Buccaneer knowledge?

Okay, here goes. Name three things that Buccaneers have in common with loggerhead turtles.

What? Unfair? Not the angle you were expecting? Well, tough, that's the question, and the kids from Tampa Bay Boulevard Elementary had all three answers in under a minute. Here is their list:

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