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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Great Debate, Round 2


asking you, the fans, to tell us what you think the team should do with the top pick in this year's draft. Each week, we will feature two of the best arguments submitted and allow fans to vote on which one was more convincing.

Last week, Ryan Black's case for Jameis Winston was the overwhelming winner in the fan poll, receiving over 63% of the votes. The second edition of The Great Debate features Leroy McFarland and Mike Coville.

Case 1: Draft leonard williams

"Leonard Williams can play any spot on the D-line. As a team last year, the Bucs were ranked 23rd in sacks. Tampa was also ranked 28th in passing defense. Williams can add that extra pass rush that the Bucs were lacking. It can also allow Gerald McCoy to get free to make big plays. Glennon can run the offense as long as they can protect him and give him a shot to prove himself. I think our draft should focus on D-line and O-line. Remember Sapp and Rice on the D-line? Defense wins championships. " - Leroy McFarland

Case 2: draft marcus mariota

"This is simple, Mariota is the best passer in the draft. When compared to Winston, the numbers don't lie. Last year, Marcus threw 42 TDs with only 4 INTs, and a 68.3% completion rate. Winston had 25 TDs, 18 INTs, and a 65.3% completion rate. Mariota had 17 more TDs with 14 less INTs. He also showed at the combine that he is the best pure athlete of any QB in this draft. He played in an offensive system that is turning the Eagles into a #1 NFL offense. Marcus Mariota is the franchise QB Tampa needs." - Mike Coville

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