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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Greatest Bucs: Safeties

Selecting two safeties for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers All-Time Team means choosing among some of the most accomplished players in franchise history


S Dexter Jackson had two strong years as a starter, but his last game as a Buccaneer was his best

If the All-Time Tampa Bay Buccaneers team included reserves, safety might very well be the squad's deepest position.

Only one Tampa Bay safety has ever made the Pro Bowl – John Lynch, five times – but the position has been manned by standout playmakers more often than not. The all-time roster of Buccaneer safeties includes a Super Bowl MVP (Dexter Jackson), the team's second all-time interceptor (Cedric Brown), one of the longest-lasting original Buccaneers (Mark Cotney) and some of the hardest hitters in team annals (Lynch, Marty Carter).

By 1977, the second year of the franchise's existence, the team had a safety duo of Brown and Cotney that would help define one of the NFL's best defenses at the turn of the decade. When the team rose to prominence again in the '90s, it was with Lynch helping to redefine his position and players such as Jackson and Damien Robinson providing outstanding support.

Alas, there are no reserves on the All-Time Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. We – or rather, you – will be picking just two safeties to the squad, filling out a secondary that already received its cornerbacks weeks ago. The voting for the all-time team continues, and we've moved on to the last line of defense.

Below you will find brief accounts of the Buccaneer careers of nine safeties, all nominated for inclusion on the All-Time Team. Please review their qualifications and vote for two safeties in the poll to the right. Your votes will determine who makes the team at the position, although the results will not be announced until the entire team is revealed near the beginning of the 2004 season.

This is the eighth installment in our ongoing effort to determine the Greatest Buccaneers at every position. Already you've selected two cornerbacks, two defensive ends, two outside linebackers, two tackles, one center, one tight end and one punter. To review the positions discussed so far, visit the All-Time Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team home page.


All-Time Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team: Safeties

The nominations are presented in alphabetical order. Only a players' accomplishments with the Buccaneers are considered. Voters are not asked to distinguish between free and strong safeties.

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