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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Three Takeaways from TB-CAR

TJ Rives gives his three takeaways from the Buccaneers loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.


Play from the quarterback position must improve
While there were several factors including pass protection at times breaking down, Josh McCown was the first one to admit that some of his decisions were not good. The two interceptions are not acceptable and there were several other occasions where he seemed indecisive early on in the game. The good news is Josh got much better as the game wore on and was decisive in the 4th quarter. Like everything else with the offense, his play is a work in progress early in the season.Better pass rush from Bucs Front Four
One thing that Lovie Smith has repeatedly said is this defense must get pressure from the four down defensive linemen. While there were spots where it happened, it wasn't nearly enough on Sunday. Derek Anderson was way too comfortable for a lot of the game. Don't look for the blitz to be used much more in the coming weeks. Lovie and Leslie Frazier, the new defensive coordinator will demand that the front four get after the QB!Get excited about Patton on returns
With under 5 minutes remaining in the game, the Bucs needed a spark in special teams and #86 Solomon Patton certainly delivered. As an undrafted free agent in training camp, Patton was turning heads with his ability to make plays in the return game. It had to be gratifying for him and new special teams coach Kevin O'Dea to see an electric 33 yard return happen in the regular season opener. Many fans watched Patton previously make big plays like that for the Florida Gators and had been envisioning him doing it in pewter and red. Sunday was hopefully just the start.

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