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TJ's 3 Takeaways from the Rams Game

Take a look at Buccaneers.com contributer TJ Rives' three takeaways from Bucs vs. Rams.


1. TREMENDOUS Opening Drive From the Bucs Offense. After so much scrutiny about not starting fast, it was reassuring to watch them come right out of the gate with a well executed 10-play, 77-yard drive that resulted in Josh McCown running it in for a 7-0 lead. This shows hope and potential for the future on offense.2. The inability to put a touchdown on the board late in the 4th quarter. Trailing 16-14, the Bucs moved into scoring position after a roughing the passer call on the Rams gave an automatic 1st down at their own 38 and Bobby Rainey sliced though the D for a HUGE 31 yard gain on back to back plays. Unfortunately, with 2nd and 3rd down and only 2 yards to go, they could not get the first down (much less get the TD. While we don't know with 5:20 left on the clock if the Rams could have scored a TD themselves, they were now only down 1 point instead of 5.

And that would lead to…3. The Rams tremendous execution on 3rd and 9 with 1:55 left to get them into FG range for the win. Unheralded QB Austin Davis looked great all day, despite the Bucs getting some pressure, sacks and knockdowns. But his biggest moment was this play and the perfect throw to Austin Pettis down the seam of the Tampa Bay defense that resulted in a 27-yard gain. Greg Zuerlein would kick the go-ahead FG four plays later, but the Rams would not have had the chance for that, if they hadn't come up with a big play. Credit to St. Louis, where it's due.

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