Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Verner Impressed by Winston's Awareness

Alterraun Verner likes what he sees so far from Jameis Winston.

Throughout OTAs, mini-camp and even the first two days of training camp, the offensive and defensive linemen had been without pads, and the pass rush was more of a walk-through than a live drill. On Monday, the pads came on and the pressure was for real.

How has Jameis Winston been handling it? Cornerback Alterraun Verner said well.

"I was saying it yesterday that I thought he actually had really good pocket presence," Verner said. "You see him feel the pressure and you see him step up and keep his eyes downfield. For me, at corner, most of the time I'm looking at him so I'm trying to look at where he's looking at and you never see him stop scanning the field, even when you see the blitz coming and things like that. I think that's been very impressive to me on his part.

Tuesday was a perfect day to analyze Winston's pocket presence as the Bucs' pass-rushers were one of the most productive groups during practice. Although defenders won't hit the quarterback in training camp, they were applying constant pressure.

"Like I said, he's going to keep getting better and better as much as we keep trying to drill him. When you've got Gerald McCoy coming after you, you're going to get some pressure in your face a lot of times, so (Winston's) been good."

The Bucs have the day off of practice on Wednesday but will return to the practice field on Thursday for their fifth day of training camp.

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