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Video Recap: A Hall of Fame Journey

This six part series will take you on the journey of Derrick Brooks’ Hall of Fame career. From his hometown of Pensacola all the way to his enshrinement ceremony in Canton, see the impact he left both on and off the field.

Chapter 1: A Vision For Himself

The first part of Derrick's journey takes you back to his hometown of Pensacola, Florida. The roots of this Hall of Famer helped shape him into the person he became, both on and off the field, that Bucs fans have grown to know so well.

Chapter 2: A Jester And His Crown

In the second leg of our tour through Derrick Brooks' Hall of Fame career, we explore his college journey at Florida State University, from recruitment to National Championship.

Chapter 3: Double-Nickel

In the third part of our journey, we take a look at his time in the National Football League, from Draft day to Super Bowl Championship and beyond.

Chapter 4: Passing It On

In the fourth chapter, see some familiar NFL faces explain how this legend still makes an impact on the community and the people around him today.

Chapter 5: Meeting Mr. Buswell

Go behind the scenes for the making of Derrick's Hall of Fame bust that will be displayed in Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Chapter 6: Legend

Experience a behind-the-scenes look at the sights and sounds of Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, Ohio.

Brooks' Hall of Fame speech

Derrick Brooks thanks those who helped him make it to the NFL as part of his Pro Football Hall of Fame speech from the 2014 enshrinement ceremony.

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