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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What We Learned from Day Eleven of Bucs' Training Camp

Young receivers continue to shine but O.J. Howard again has the play of the day during the Bucs’ last open practice before they play their first preseason game in Miami.

Wide Receiver Justin Watson #17
Wide Receiver Justin Watson #17

-Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick's favorite play of the day was tight end O.J. Howard's catch in the end zone... from quarterback Ryan Griffin. The reasoning Fitz gave was that it was something Howard had been working on all week. He executed it in pretty dramatic fashion, reaching over top of safety Keith Tandy to make the catch in the corner of the end zone right before stepping out of bounds.

-Wide receiver DeSean Jackson pulled some of the craziest footwork I'd ever seen. During one-on-one drills with the defensive backs, Jackson looked like he was dancing on one foot as he started his release. It almost looked like a one-footed stutter step and Cornerback Vernon Hargreaves who was on him bit on it and got a little turned around. I've never seen footwork like that in my life, but it certainly got the job done and created the separation Jackson needed to make the grab.

-Howard may have gotten one over Keith Tandy later in practice, but Tandy first had an interception also in seven-on-seven drills. He got a read on quarterback Jameis Winston and jumped in front of the receiver to nab the pick. This comes on the heels of yesterday when Tandy stripped wide receiver Mike Evans of the ball after Evans had made the catch. in 7 on 7 where he got a read on Winston and jumped in front of the receiver. This is on the heels of a stripped ball yesterday he had. He continues to make plays

-Wide receiver Sergio Bailey III took one to the house on a great throw from quarterback Jameis Winston. The defense looked to be in man coverage but somehow Bailey was left uncovered over the middle and made the catch in stride to take it into the end zone.

-Speaking of young receivers, Erv Philips wrestled the ball away from cornerback M.J. Stewart while in seven-on-seven drills in the red zone. Philips made the catch at the goal line in tight coverage by Stewart and both had hands on the ball before Philips ripped it away as he fell into the end zone.

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