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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What We Learned from Day Four of Bucs' Training Camp

The Bucs held the first open practice of 2018 on Sunday, allowing fans a look at the team outside on the practice fields before heading indoors to the new indoor practice facility for some air-conditioning and team drills.


-The only thing better than Bucs' training camp is Bucs' training camp with air-conditioning. The crowd had great energy once practice was moved into the Bucs' new indoor training facility. Fans got to sit in the bleachers and watch team drills. There were a lot of oohs and aahs on big plays with a lot of cheering mixed in.

-Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick still has some wheels on him going into his 14th season. As a play broke down, Fitz scrambled and booked it up the middle, finishing off the play by sprinting down to the end zone to show the crowd that the vet still has legs. He was met with hollers and cheers from fans in the indoor.

-Rookie safety Jordan Whitehead nabbed an interception on the second team today. He jumped a route on quarterback Ryan Griffin, showing his athleticism. It brings up the catch-22 of training camp – you love to see the defense get takeaways, but you never want to see the offense turn it over.

-Wide receiver Mike Evans had a real nice catch on play action from quarterback Jameis Winston while in team drills inside. Winston faked the hand off to rookie running back Ronald Jones and the defense bought what the two were selling. It left Evans wide open on the post for an easy catch that would have been a sure-fire touchdown.

- Defensive end Vinny Curry spoke on how run defense has been a huge emphasis for the D-line along with developing the pass rush. The line had a few good stuffs of Buccaneers' running backs throughout the day. In pass-rush drills, defensive tackle Beau Allen showed just how imposing he could be, fighting off a double-team in one-on-ones.

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