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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

01-06-2002 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Tony Dungy "This was a disappointing ending to our regular season. It's always disappointing to lose at home. We played 50 minutes of good football and we let the last nine-10 minutes slip away. You have to give credit to them for fighting back. They are a very tough football team. They're tough, they played well and they have good team speed on defense. They are a very physical team."

FB Mike Alstott "We can take a lot from tonight and learn on some situations and some other things we've seen. It is a big week of preparation for us. We already prepared for them for one week and now we have to come back and do it all over again."

CB Ronde Barber "We wanted to get 10 (wins). It was an overriding factor to be 10-6 this year and we had a run going. But we didn't get it done and that's the bottom line. We have to bounce back from this and if anyone is dwelling about this, then they are not focusing in the right place. I think people on this team will be ready to go next week, forget about this. The regular season is over and you want to get in the playoffs, and we did that. That is what we are going to keep our attention on."

CB Brian Kelly "We know what is on the line. 10-6 looks a lot better than 9-7, but we know what is on the line next week. The momentum would have been nice, but it does not matter. The bottom line, if you win next week, it means a lot more than winning tonight. So that is what we will focus on this locker room."

QB Shaun King "We were so simple out there tonight. I thought our guys played well. I thought I did okay and I tried to manage the ball."

S John Lynch "We are going to have to put that behind us really quick. The game that matters is the one that is Saturday."

On preparing for Saturday's playoff game: "It makes it a little easier the fact that we have prepared for Philly all this week. If we were facing a different team, that extra day would be a disadvantage. We are both in the same boat and we have prepared for each other.

DE Simeon Rice "This game will light a fire. We took this game serious. We wanted 10 wins. This game is behind us. It will light a fire and motivate us."

On the playoff game: "This game is bigger than the weather. It is getting ready for the Super Bowl. We have something big about to happen to us. I am excited about what is about to happen. This game is a springboard to the future."

TE Todd Yoder "In the first half, we had the running game really on. The second half they kind of shut it down and that hurt us. We have to go up there and it 's going to be cold and there's going to be a lot of people that say we can't win on the road. But this is a good week to prepare for it."

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