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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

08-12-2002 - Post Game Quotes

QB Rob Johnson On playing for the Buccaneers: "This is a great place to play; It is a crazy atmosphere."

On the injury to G Cosey Coleman: "The injury to Cosey changed things around tonight, but we still ran the ball well. I try to make plays that I shouldn't, but we learn from our mistakes. I will do better next week."

T Roman Oben On the offensive line's play: "I think everyone had to do their part and we can build on this and it is something we can grow from. It was not always clean, but when you put a hat on a hat and the running back breaks a big one and you give the quarterback some time and someone makes a catch for a touchdown everyone is helping each other out. It is never going to be clean, but everyone is working hard and someone is going to make a play. You've just got to keep believing in it."

DT Warren Sapp On the game: "Its fun cheering on the young guys. Normally it's the other way around. They did a good job and got it done for us."

On QB Shaun King "You've got to take your hat off to King for holding the ball for us and not giving them a chance."

DE Simeon Rice On getting some game action: "Even though this was a mock situation, its fun to get out of the regular regiment of what we do normally, which is boring and mundane. We feel a little more energy with the crowd support."

TE Ken Dilger On Miami's defense: "Miami has a very good defense, and the first team had a tough time moving the ball. We are going to play some very good teams this year, so if we can keep it going for four quarters, we should do very well."

ON THE OFFENSE "Over the last two weeks, we put a lot of stuff in, but the last couple of days we really focused on what we wanted to do. So, hopefully everybody knows what they want to do and go out and play hard."

S John Lynch On the opening game: "What a great way to start the year. Whether you like the first preseason game or not, it is the start of your season. It's always something you need to go through. It's the live bullets and you can try to simulate it, but you can't until you get in that type of situation and see it going full speed."

QB Brad Johnson On getting some game action: "Training camp has been kind of a grind, so for us to get off to a winning start in preseason builds some momentum. Its great for our team."

On Frank Murphy's return: "I think the opening kickoff was awesome for the team and for the fans to get off to a good start."

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