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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

08-18-2007 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(On the game) "Obviously, I like the way we started. [Jeff] Garcia made some nice plays. The center-quarterback exchange has been a ridiculous problem. We had two shotgun snaps, we had a couple of other bad snaps, inexcusable. Our second-team defense hasn't shown up."

(On positives) "There were some good things. We had a nice drive in the second quarter, but [Maurice] Stovall fumbled in the red zone. There's been some decent things, but not a lot here lately with the back-up players."

CB Ronde Barber

(On tonight's game) "We definitely had good improvement the second time out. We played solid our first couple of series last week, but they had that long series where we couldn't get off the field. It felt a little bit better this week, I think we were a little bit more ready for it. Nothing to frown about."

WR David Boston

(On the touchdown play) "I just ran a corner route, and Jeff (Garcia) is a guy that you have to stay alive all the time because he is subject to scramble. I was able to stay alive and he made a great throw."

(On the offense) "I think everybody is going out there and playing their heart out. We are just trying to find our rhythm and have some fun. It was good to get a score; everyone was pretty excited."

(On Garcia's ability to keep plays alive) "There are no problems adjusting to his mobility. I think everyone on the offense needs to be alive at all times because he can always make plays on the move. Everyone always have to be ready. It's what makes him dangerous."

DE/DT Kevin Carter

(On the Buccaneers pass rush) "Pass rush takes time. You have to get some continuity along the line, that's what training camp is for and that's what these preseason games are for. So we will continue to work and continue to get better, but I think the rush was a little better tonight."

(On his sack) "I was able to find a crease in the offensive line and kept my motor going. Coaches always tell you to keep your feet moving and not to give up on a play, and that's what I did."

QB Jeff Garcia

(On what he took away from tonight's game) "It was important to get your feet underneath you, get in game shape and game mentality. I think we were a little bit more ready to deal with some of the adversity out there."

(On what he looks to accomplish next week) "Next week we'll play a little bit more and get prepared for that last preseason game where we don't play, so it's our last tuneup for the regular season. Next week we'll get a little bit more into our full package."

(On tonight's game) "Things were better. It was nice to get a scoring drive together and put some points on the board, and connect with some of the receivers on some of the plays. They made some nice grabs. There were some good plays tonight, but we also have some things to improve upon."

(On the scoring pass to WR David Boston) "It was just a planned rollout. He was not necessarily the main guy in my progression but it was one of those things where they did a good job of covering up all the receivers. I really didn't have any outlets; I was getting ready to throw the ball away and avoid the sack when he struck it back and did a great job working the scramble drill. It's not a throw I want to make very often, throwing across the field. I felt I could put it in a place where only he could make a play and he made the play."

(On tonight's game) "We're just basically at half-stride right now. There's so much work to be done, things to improve upon. I think there were some positive things that we've seen out there today. Luke [McCown] had a nice drive going, until the turnover. Those are things we can build upon. We just need to iron out the mistakes. There were some sloppy things that took place that we need to eliminate."

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