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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

08-20-2004 - Post Game Quotes

QB Chris Simms

(On how he thinks his preseason is going) "It's going good. It could have been better tonight. We lost and pretty much got dominated offensively. They played well tonight. We put ourselves in a tough position all night to really get things going. It would have been tough to win like that."

(on playing two games in five days) "You know, I don't think we're going to use that as an excuse. This is the NFL; we knew what the schedule was last week so we should have had ou r minds right. All you can say is they kicked our butts and we've just got to get ready for Miami next week."

(on how tough the Jaguars' defense was) "They did some good things but, again, we made some mistakes. We killed some drives. It would have been nice to get another first down, get some momentum and hopefully we could have gotten in the end zone. But we didn't and we lost and we have to do better this week and get ready for Miami."

CB Brian Kelly

(On his performance) "It was just to get some action. They have a good receiver in Jimmy Smith, a Pro Bowler, and a good offense. You know they're going to test you, test the secondary downfield. So it was just good to get into the flow of the game and get tested like that before we get into the regular season."

(On CB Torrie Cox playing well) "He did. He's been having a great camp and Torrie's really growing. Last year, unfortunately, he had an injury that took him out, but we know he's a good player and he's only getting better."

(On trying to win in the preseason) "Every time you step on the field you want to win, regardless of the stakes. But it was a tough one tonight and we've got to get things clicking again. Defensively we've got to work on some things and offensively we've got to work on some things."


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