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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

08-24-2002 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden On the loss to the Redskins: "I would like to say we are very disappointed in this game. We had some guys with some nicks and bruises and we turned the ball over way too many times. There were seven turnovers in the game, I believe. As I said to the team: 'You get what you deserve in this league.' And when you the turn the ball over, that's the result you get."

On injuries: " Marcus Jones, we are calling a sprained knee. We are very concerned. We will get the final evaluation later this evening. At this time, I'm calling it a sprained knee and I'm concerned. Lomas Brown was unable to play tonight. He got hurt during the pregame warmup. We don't believe it is severe, but we didn't believe he could go. Marquise Walker sprained an ankle and did not return to the game. We had a couple of other guys with some nicks and bruises."

On the turnovers: "We turned the ball over too many times, seven times. I said to the team, 'You get what you deserve.' And when you turn the ball over, those are all the results you're expected to get."

On missing RB Michael Pittman: "Of course we miss Michael Pittman, but you can't turn the ball over. We had a good drive in the first series that ended in a turnover. I believe the next series ended in a turnover. Sometimes you have to punt the football and sometimes the defense makes plays. Obviously, Michael is a big part of this offense and we missed him tonight, but I make no excuses for the game tonight."

On the second interception by Brad Johnson: "I think he popped the ball and tried to throw it out of bounds. I think he underestimated the proximity of the Redskin defender, and I think that is very uncharacteristic of him."

*CB Ronde Barber *On the defense: "I think overall we probably won't be happy unless we're playing our style of football. We all got some work to do. We all know that."

On playing within the Bucs own red zone: 'We pride ourselves down there (within their own red zone). That's a real tough situation. Couple of penalties, stupid penalties, which we talk about never getting, we can't let that hinder our play."

*QB Brad Johnson *On the Bucs' scoring drive: "On the first play we threw a long pass to Ken Dilger and he made a long run for it. We got the ball into the red zone and threw a post route to Keenan McCardell. He did a great job and made a great catch. It was great to come away with a score. You know over a 16-game season, things don't always go so smooth, you have to face some adversity sometimes, and it's good to see if you can step up to that challenge. It was good to see us bounce back with a score because things don't always go right."

QB Rob Johnson On the offense: "There were too many penalties and we didn't execute very well. We had a mix up on protection and the backs were going one way. Unfortunately the turnover changed the ballgame around. But it's the preseason, and hopefully it won't happen again."

More on the offense: "We were way out of sync tonight and it was frustrating, but hopefully you get it out of you system. We didn't play wee and made too many mistakes and penalties tonight."

WR Keenan McCardell On his touchdown: "It felt good, but there is a bigger picture. Coach Gruden told us: 'You get what you deserve' and when you have too many turnovers and penalties, that is not going to put you in a position to win. It is something that we are going to have to correct. This is a short week, but we have to get ready and focus and be ready to bounce back. Turnovers and penalties aren't acceptable and we can't win making that many mistakes."

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