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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

08-27-2009 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Raheem Morris

(On the Bucs defense) "To see that happen, to see those guys kick in gear, to see that start to formulate around our team was positive. That was great. Another positive was that first team defense. They really got out there. They flew around. We had the lightning delay. We had planned on playing those guys three quarters. You run into issues when you just dont think its working coming out of the tunnel, coming out cold. Those guys went out there and forced a couple three and outs. They got about 13 or so snaps in there and its just smart to take them out. End on a high note with those guys, but your second team defense have a chance to come in. They got to respond as well. They gave up the one big play, but they got to respond, hold them down just like our first team defense was doing when they gave up six points in that first half and that was impressive from the defensive standpoint.

(On what he learned about his quarterbacks) "Its always too early to be talking about quarterbacks right now. You have to go back, you have to evaluate the film, you have to grade the guys, you have to look at them. Obviously we didnt get a whole bunch going on offense when you talk about the penalties, when you talk about those things, but we have to forget about that. Well give you an update when were ready to make an update on the quarterback. Well get back at you. Right now you have to go look at the tape, you have to grade those guys, you have to look at it close, you have to make that thing happen.

(On what the eye test tells him about the quarterback "You see the mistakes from both of the guys. Anytime you come out of a game, you dont get a chance to get six, you dont get a chance to get your six points in there you have to go back. You have to look at the tape. You have to see what the reasons were, what were the causes of everything. We missed some wideouts. That was easy to see. That was obviously rookies so it wasnt that hard to find. We missed some receivers out there so we have to go back and look at the tape, see whats going on.

(On if he can make a decision on the quarterbacks at this point) "You have to go back, you have to evaluate and you have to look.

(On if he is getting frustrated with the quarterback selection) "No, this is our football team. You dont get frustrated with your football team. You coach them. You play through it. You be mentally tough. Frustration is for mentally weak people and I refuse to be mentally week. Im going to go through the process. Im going to let these guys go through the process. Im going to let these guys get what they deserve and thats what theyre getting. Well go out and well do it and well find out.

QB Josh Freeman

(On first home game) "It didnt go as well as I would have liked it to. I was trying towards the end to get something going but we just werent able to. At the end of the game, thats when you want to step in and make some plays to win it, and we were unable to do that.

(On what he can take from this game) "Theres a lot I can take from it as far as going into a situation - when you havent really been getting any action all game - and stepping in, staying focused and being able to get your body in the position where you can make those throws at the beginning. I learned a lot about coming back from adversity. There were a lot of plays that didnt go our way, and we were battling back and converting first downs.

(On if he viewed tonight as an opportunity to jump into the starting spot) "No, Im looking at it like I want to go in and play my best football. I mean thats not really my decision and thats not anything that Im thinking about right now. All Im thinking about is playing the best football I can and trying to grow as a player every week.

DT Chris Hovan

(On the young guys fitting in with the defense) "Like Ive said before, it doesnt matter what defense you put in there, the code is hustle and hit. So, if you play a three-four, two whatever, or a one whatever, the motto is going to stay the same. Were going to hustle and hit. No matter what happens. Good play, bad play, or indifferent, you have to get to the ball.

(On the defense) "Were doing some good things right now. Were eliminating the big plays and were shutting down the big plays, which is of utmost importance and were hustling to the ball.

G Davin Joseph

(On how it was seeing RB Carnell Williams back) "Of course its great to see him. Its going to be exciting to see all of him, really. Its going to be exciting to see all of us, and once we take that step and become where we are able to get into a groove, we can be really explosive and its really going to open up a lot for us. The guy is a fighter. Hes a big time fighter and that is why hes able to still play football. Thats the kind of commitment you need to be able to stay in the league.

(On the importance of the third preseason game) "We declined as the game went on. I thought we started pretty well, didnt finish a couple of drives and as the heat from Miami picked up, we got the rain delay and excuses, excuses. You can go through all of them, but we declined. We need to pick it up, we need to be able to stay consistent throughout a game, instead of declining, incline. Really make the adjustments that are necessary. Avoid penalties and avoid sacks and really be able to drive the field and not have negative plays.

QB Luke McCown

(On playing after the lightning delay and halftime) "Coming out after that delay was a test of our mental toughness. We came out, put a drive together, got down to the 35-yard line, had a couple sacks, a penalty that moved us out of field goal range and we cant have that.

(On completing five passes in a row) "We were trying to focus on getting the ball out a little quicker. After the rain delay and the second half, they really tried to heat us up with some double edge pressure and a lot of things like that. We were trying to get the ball out quick. We got some things going and we were able to get down in field goal range. We have to go ahead and convert points there.

(On finishing drives off) "We need to get better in that area. When we get in the red zone we need to come away with points. Something we did last week, but we didnt do that well this week. It is something that well go back and get better at.

(On the QB decision) "You know me; I leave it up to the Lord. He is a big old guy that can handle everything that is ever thrown his way. I leave it in his hands. I just keep preparing, keep having fun and keep playing.

S Jermaine Phillips

(On the new defensive scheme) "Its nice to play against somebody else and see where we are, but at the same time, we have to play 60 minutes. We havent had a chance to do that yet. Conditioning and all that stuff is going to be a big thing. We need to focus on getting ready for Dallas and also getting on the details and making sure we come together.

(On how it felt playing safety again) "It was good. Just getting back there and getting some looks. I didnt get a lot of action but Im anxious to see the tape and see how I did.

LB Barrett Ruud

(On the defense that Jim Bates runs compared to the Tampa Two from last year) "Basically, coverage wise its more of a match philosophy as opposed to Monte [Kiffin] who was more of a zone principle. The rest is actually pretty similar.

(On having the chance to play with his brother Bo) "Its always fun. Its cool more than anything for him to get the chance. But also, to get to play with him on a professional level is pretty fun.

C Jeff Faine

(On coming back from the injury) "It felt great to get back out there and compete and get after it. I had a lot of fun getting out there with my guys. It felt great.

(On the running game) "Runners were running hard. Its good to give all those guys looks and for them to be healthy again. They are all hungry to show what they are all about and to show what they can do. Up front, were hungry to get them some holes.

(On the teams performance) "Its the little things that we really have to tighten up. We are shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties and not hitting the plays that we should have. There are some plays that we would really like to get back. We are there; we just have to execute them.

(On the zone blocking scheme) "Its getting better. Its still going to be something that we probably wont hit the sweet spot until midseason where we will be a well-oiled machine.

QB Byron Leftwich

(On the teams performance) "We moved the ball pretty well. We have to work on some timing with the guys we have, we had a lot of injuries at wide receiver. I missed a few, but other than that, I like what we did today.

(On his play) "I felt good. I missed a few but I hit a few also. Luckily for me on the ones I missed, I made plays on the following play to get those first downs. That is something that I cant do, miss guys, but that is something that I can correct and be ready to roll.

(On the running game) "It was good to see Cadillac out there doing his thing, making good plays and doing what he does. Thats what Cadillac does. Like I said, we have a three headed monster that can run this ball. Its good to see all of them doing well.

DE/DT Jimmy Wilkerson

(On the defense's performance in the first half) "It was a pretty good night. Were starting to come together. You are starting to see what we can do when we play Dallas. All of the guys are flying around, everybody is fast and everybody is fresh. Even though we had two really hard practices dealing with the heat, the guys came out here ready to go. First of all, it was the first home game so we wanted to prove to the crowd we are a good team.

(On his performance) "I felt pretty good. I did a lot of studying and watching film. These guys are a talented team but we are too. I just went out there and showed my skills as the starting defensive end.

RB Carnell Williams

(On his comeback) "It just feels great. Its a blessing. From the strides that I made, I just give praise to the Lord. Im just so excited to be out here with these guys. I feel so good to be out here this season.

(On how his knee feels) "The knee is not an issue to me. Its not a problem, I feel great. Im just loving what I do.


Head Coach Tony Sparano

(On assessing the game) "I would assess it this way: Our defense was on the field too long and our offense wasnt on the field long enough."

(On what to take from this game) "I think one of the things we thought we did a pretty good job of, one of the things we had to do, we had to come with the first group at the end of the first half and start the second half and see how they handled that. Well tonight we had a few different scenarios. We had a rain thing going on. We came out after that deal and we got a score on offense after not really moving the ball a whole lot so that was helpful. Then we came into the locker room at halftime knowing we were getting the ball and we took the ball down the field and got a score on offense in the first series and a stop on defense in the first series. So some of those things were accomplished. Some of those things that we have to do a better job of, that weve been really doing a pretty good job of so far, is the third down stuff. I mean I think offensively we didnt convert enough and defensively, I thought particularly in the first half of the game, our play count was up to about 48 plays or so, so we didnt get them off the field well enough.

(On WR Brian Hartline) "Well I have to watch the film. I like what he did in there and he did make some big plays which is critical. One of the things that we have to do a better job of on offense is, it cant take us 15 plays to score every touchdown. We have to be able to get some chunk yards and Hartline was able to get a few chunk yards tonight. [Greg] Camarillo made a nice run after the catch out there one time but Hartline was able to get down the field a little bit and make some yards that way, so that was positive.

(On secondary play) "Again, I thought they converted too many third downs. Ill have to watch the film and reserve judgment on that, but I thought they missed a few receivers at times during the course of that thing. I thought our guys battled hard out there and kind of bent but didnt break. We came up with a few good rushes and hit the quarterback a couple times at certain situations that I thought helped us during the course of the game but Ill have to wait to watch the film.

RB Ronnie Brown

(On how they started the game) "We werent flat, we just werent executing the way we are capable of. Their offense had the ball for a while, so it took us a while to get going. That is something we have to work on, but for the most part we came out and got the job done.

(On the teams energy level after the first touchdown and if the lightning delay affected it) "Not so much. We did a good job after that, after the lightning. We able to come back out and get three points on the board before we came in. We were able to comeback out and get some things going. I know that we stalled, and that is something that we have to work on, getting started early on in the game. Fortunately for us, we were able to come out with a win after the first half wasnt so good for us.

LB Channing Crowder

(On the Buccaneers offense) "Theyre a good team, they had a game plan and came out. They were doing some things to us but we shut them down in the red zone. They were moving the ball on us so we have some things to work on, but their offense is pretty good. They have the new scheme in and it seems like theyre catching on to us pretty well.

WR Ted Ginn, Jr.

(On the game) "It was great. We went out there, executed, played hard and played tough. Theyve got some veterans back there on the secondary, on the offensive line. We just went out there and played hard.

(On his performance) "Im just coming out and playing football. Im just trying to go out and get better. It doesnt really matter what you see on film, catches and things like that. As long as you can see different looks, get out there and run routes in those different looks and see if you can get open.

WR Brian Hartline

(On facing Ronde Barber) "I really wanted to take the most out of that, going up against a guy like that. To be able to learn as much as much as I can from that guy is more valuable then whatever I did against him. Whether it was nothing or it was something, it doesnt matter. It is more of what I can take away from playing a guy like that.

(On his long play) "It feels good. It got me going again. I am kind of still learning. I was doing the rookie thing coming in; just know what to do on my first travel game. It was kind of tough getting started. We got in that two minute, we looked good and started getting some stuff going. After halftime, it was good. There are a lot of things that I know I am going to learn in this film going against guys like Ronde and other guys. So it was pretty valuable.

QB Chad Pennington

(On throwing to WR Brian Hartline) "The coverage was dictating where the ball was going and hes been making plays for us and the ball was going to him quite a bit. Were just working to try to get better. We have some things to clean up. Polish up and get a little better. We didnt do so well on third down which is disappointing. Weve been doing pretty well on third down and made that an emphasis and tonight we didnt. Thats how you keep your defense off the field and how you keep drives going and increase momentum. So we have to do a better job there.

(On getting passing game to where it was last year) "Well, I dont think were that far off really. Weve had a pretty good preseason with our passing game, done some good things in it. Rotating in a lot of people, looking at some different things, so its just a couple details here and there. The passing game is all about chemistry and rhythm. Getting the passer in rhythm. Getting the guys into rhythm. So we will do a better job of it. Weve got to go back and get better at it. Good thing about tonight was it was a very odd game for us as far as the rain delay and a lot of stoppages of play and things like that. We were able to deal with those and come out in the second half and get a score before halftime and after halftime get a score and try to get some things going. Build on that but be able to be critical of ourselves and make sure we dont let a win overshadow what we need to get better at.

LB Joey Porter

(On their defense) "Were doing pretty good. We have some stuff that we have to improve on. We have to step our game up, get off the field a little faster. Overall, I think we are doing a pretty good job but we always feel like we can do better.

(On the Bucs offense) "They are getting the running game with Cadillac [Williams]. They tried to make a point of emphasis with that tonight, the way they were going with some of their runs. We didnt play like we wanted to on defense, then again we only gave up six points. It wasnt our best game.

S Gibril Wilson

(On the third down conversions) "Thats one thing we have to work on. We did some good things and some not so good things. Third downs are something that we have to work on but we did do some good things out there.

(On what the defense needs to work on) "We just have to have tighter coverage. We have to get off the field, its as simple as that.

(On the big gains on third down) "We just have to buckle down and tackle the catch and just get off the field.

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