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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

08-28-2003 - Post Game Quotes

K Martin Gramatica

(On his health) "We'll see tomorrow morning, but right now I feel good."

(On if he would like a chance to kick another 56-yard field goal in a regular season game) "Yeah, I mean, that would be nice. I'm just glad I got the opportunity to. Coach Gruden has the confidence to put me out there, whether it's preseason or not."

(On if he needed a kick like that to boost his confidence) "No. I'm glad I got the chance. I'm not happy with the kick-offs. Hopefully it'll be better by Philadelphia."

(On how he felt after the 56-yard field goal) "I didn't feel anything, so I feel good."

(On if he thought he would have enough leg to kick a 56-yard field goal) "Yeah, I wasn't sure. My shoes were untied. I didn't expect to go out there."

WR Joe Jurevicius

(On the last preseason game) "We had work to do today to put an exclamation point on what we've done this preseason and this off-season. Now we turn to Philadelphia."

(On playing at Philadelphia on Monday night) "They have a tough team. We're going into a very hostile environment and we've got our work cut out for us this week."

WR Charles Lee

(On playing with the Buccaneers vets) "They go about their work everyday with such a great passion. Brooks, Sapp, Lynch, and the guys that have been around, they come in day in and day out, and don't complain. Sometimes I don't know how they do it."

LB Ryan Nece

(On his big plays this preseason) "I have been in situations to make opportune plays in opportune times, and I was glad we got to capitalize on that and you need to capitalize on that to be effective."

(On his plays in relation to making the team) "When you are in a position like myself you have to seize the moment and seize the day. When you are fighting for a job you have to make big plays and make things happen."

(On his interception) "It was a good feeling to know that my play was a catalyst that set up Gramatica's amazing kick. (After the kick) I was ecstatic, it was really exciting."

(On his improvements from last year and injury) "I'm still on the road of where I want to be and the things I want to accomplish. I'm close and I will get there. I have great linebackers that I'm learning from."

QB Shaun King

(On spreading the ball around) "I think that is important in the preseason. It shows the guys are comfortable in what they are doing, and they are going out and making plays."

Texans Head Coach Dom Capers

(On dealing with the loss) "There is no way to sugar coat what happened this evening. You know, we came out and got our tails kicked and Tampa Bay came out and played like a champion. We stuck with our plan in terms of playing people. Tonight's game was a big part of the evaluation process. We played a lot of players, and we'll know a lot more when we look at the tape tomorrow in terms of being able to put our final 53-man roster together. This officially ends our preseason. In a couple of days, everybody will be 0-0. We have an awful lot of work to do before we go down to Miami."

(On playing his entire roster) "Well, one of the things that you do have to keep is perspective. When you're playing everybody on your football team, there isn't a lot of continuity. But Tampa Bay did the same thing, and it became obvious that their number two's, number three's were far more ready to go than our number two's and number three's. And one of the things that becomes apparent to me is we have to get healthy, especially on the defensive side."

(More on tonight's game) "We expect to go out and play well every time out there. Tonight, we didn't get the job done, and we have to go back to work."

Texans QB David Carr

(On the game) "You never want to go out and play like this. The way we played last week was the way you want end the preseason. It was just a sour note. Thank God it is the last preseason game. It's going to be serious in Miami."

(On what he doesn't like about the preseason) "The pride factor. You just can't go out and lay an egg like that. Those are the Super Bowl champions and they came out and played their (fifth) pre-season game like they were supposed to play, and that's how we should've went out and played."

CB Marcus Coleman

(On the game) "Tonight we played decent, but I can play a lot better. We have to get ready for regular season match-up next week with Miami."

RB Stacey Mack

(On his team's overall performance) "There was nothing good about this game. We need to protect the quarterback, he means a great deal to this team. We need to be prepared whether home or away."

(On the Buccaneers' performance) "We let them bring it to us."

(On next weeks' regular season opener) "We have to work hard in practice last week and be prepared for the start of the regular season."

LB Jamie Sharper

(On his role for the upcoming season) "Defense has to play well and get turnovers to give the ball to the offense. We have to get sacks, create sacks and turnovers."

(On the game) "It was tough to see the score at the end of the first half. We'll put it together and play Tampa Bay again harder in the regular season. We look forward to seeing them again."

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