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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

08-30-2002 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden "We got off to a good start with a big play in our kicking game. We didn't have very good pass protection. I wasn't happy with the penalties and there were too many breakdowns offensively. I was very disappointed with how things we going out there. It wasn't a very good half of football."

RB Michael Pittman (On the Houston game) "It feels pretty good. I asked coach if I could stay in longer, but he said no. I wanted to stay in more, but it is only preseason. So, I was happy with the carries I got. I played hard but I wish the outcome was a little better. But I was running hard and the carries came and so did the yards."

(On the running game) "I think it is going great. It could be a little better but we are working hard still. The offense just needs to get in a little better rhythm. As time goes on and we get into a full game, I think you will see the running game get more exciting and much better."

(On Reliant Stadium) "I feel like I'm in my living room or something. The stadium is very nice and they did a very good job on it."

QB Brad Johnson (On tonight's game) "I felt very comfortable. We only went two series and you always want to play a little more. We'll have to wait until next week, but we'll be fresh and ready to go. Tonight we had a lot of penalties. Unfortunately, that stopped a lot of our drives."

DE Greg Spires

(On his forced fumble) "I just try to play within the system. The system is great and I'm just trying to work hard and be in the position to make plays. I lined up over the tight end spot and I hit him (RB Jonathan Wells) and fortunately the ball came out and Dexter [Jackson] was able to pick it up and we got the early lead."

(On defensive scoring) "I think when we can get a defensive score early, it takes the pressure off of the offense a little bit. When you go out there and make a play for a touchdown, it certainly gets you started."

S Dexter Jackson "It was important for us to get out to a good start and set the tone defensively and we knew that we could. We wanted to make some plays in our last preseason game and put the pressure on Houston early.

"It was very crucial to get a turnover early and then we took advantage with a blocked punt. That was what we wanted to do, apply the pressure early and make some plays."

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