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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

09-15-2002 - Post Game Quotes

Jon Gruden

(On the win) We're very excited, obviously to win we're proud of our football team. They came in here and responded, we had some adversity this week with the opening game loss. I felt we came out from an offensive standpoint and the points on the board. We wanted to start a little quicker, we did that and our defense was outstanding and I'm really happy to win.

(On what did the first win mean to you) It's the first win you know. There's not a lot of time in the NFL to be sentimental and you've got the St. Louis Rams waiting on you and it's a great challenge, a great responsibility to be here. I've said that from the beginning this is a good football team. We've just gotta enjoy the plane trip home and get ready to work tomorrow.

(On Brad Johnson's efficiency and the ball control) It was very good today. We had poor, horrible field position of all our possessions the best starting possession we had was minus 26 or 27 yard line I thought he did a great job managing the football team made some key throws we had some long drives we would have liked some touchdowns and then in the second half obviously our only enemy was the clock and we got a bit more conservative. Brad's a good quarterback.

(On getting ready for the game) It was no different than any other week that I've been associated with, as an assistant or as a head coach after a tough loss and I think the New Orleans Saints based on what I heard they did today I think they'll have everybody's attention in the country as what type of team they really are but we're happy to have won.

(On the shutout) It's very hard to do in the NFL to get a shutout it's a compliment to the defense and its also a compliment to the offense no turnovers again for the second consecutive weeks that's a huge winning edge for us and I thought the special teams with Tom Tupa really put our coverage teams in position to set the table for positive defensive field position. Every body contributed and the defense was super today.

Cosey Coleman

(On finishing out drives and finishing out games) "We still have a long way to go. We in terms of the offense we still are not a finished product. Today was a good starting point, we still have a long way to go. As an offense you want the defense to do their thing, but you still want to carry your own weight as an offense. The situation today we needed to run out the clock."

Brad Johnson

*(On their time of possession) "Sometimes time of possession is not a big deal. The biggest thing is when you go three and out. That's where you really kill your team. Today we did a good job with the clock, with long drives, and that really helped us in the first half didn't go three and out. That's what killed us last week. We had some long drives and came away with field goals. But sometimes you have to play with the game accordingly.

Keyshawn Johnson

(On the win being a good step forward) "I think so, but I like the fact that we came back and ran away from them."

(On getting the win rather than getting the offense in) "I think we did a good job. We kept the ball on a couple of drives. You can't really complain about that."

Warren Sapp

(On getting the win) "It was a game we had to have. That's the way we looked at it all week. Somebody's going to be sick coming out of the stadium and we knew it wasn't going to be us and we made it happen."

(On the Ravens' Young offense) "Whenever you have a young quarterback that's going against a veteran defense like us, it's going to be difficult for him, but that don't mean that you can't make plays. The young kid's going to be fine. It just wasn't his day today and we weren't going to let it be."

(On the shutout) "We always say that if you can't score, you can't win but right at the end of the third quarter, yeah. End of the third and then, [Derrick] Brooks preserved it for us. That's the best part. The best player on your team preserves the shutout and everybody gets a game ball."

Karl Williams

(On the TD return) "That return was pretty much ten guys up front blocking for you. It makes my job real easy back there - just read their blocks and run and that's it developed.

(On the dive into the end zone at the end of the return) "It was just kind of a thing to let myself know that I finally got one early in the season. It's usually late in the season when I get them." *

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