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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

09-16-2007 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(On WR Michael Clayton's play) "Mike doesn't show up on the stat sheet today but what he does is earn some stickers for his helmet. You're going to see more and more of Clayton, I think we only threw the football 15 or 16 times. Mike obviously made some huge assists on that big break-away play on third-and-long."

(On the defense) "It makes a difference, you know. It's a lot more fun to call plays when you're in that field position. Cato June showed up and had a couple big hits today, cleaning up the piles. I was really pleased overall with the defense today. We did have some sluggish areas there with substitution. I think we took three or four defensive timeouts. Given the heat today and difficulty rotating players with the prolonged two-minute drill, there are some excuses. Sometimes that happens but overall I was pleased with the performance of our defense."

(On running hard) "We made a big deal of it last night and it's a credit to him; that was hard yardage. They are a team that is very capable of knocking the run out. We tried single back sets, double tight-ends, open back looks. They did a nice job of creating stalemates, congesting running lanes and every yard Cadillac got today, he earned. He did score two touchdowns, which was a big question in some people's eyes whether he could be a good goal-line runner. I think he proved he is not only good but could be outstanding."

(On the importance of the win) "This is a whole new team; we have seven new starters on offense. I don't know how many new guys we have. Rookie players are contributing on special teams and winning the football games. With Brian Kelly not even performing today against a team like [the Saints] that says a lot. We needed a win, heck that's why we work."

(On QB Jeff Garcia and his enthusiasm) "I think you'll find that he is a different character. He doesn't like some of the plays I call, he's seen that book before, he's got great passion to complete and perform. I learned a lot about him last week. I learned a lot more about him this week. Hopefully in the coming weeks we can do a better job of collaborating on the game plan and making sure when we show up on Sunday we like every play in the plan."

CB Phillip Buchanon

(On the importance of beating the Saints) "It's definitely a big win for us because as the Bucs have been playing last year [we] have really been struggling. Since I came here last year during the season, we have been struggling. Right now this win is going to count for us and hopefully help us with the rest of the season."

(On if he wants a chance to do over some third-down conversions) "I can't rewind back the time. All I can do is just go head and deal with my plays and get ready for St. Louis. St. Louis has some great wide receivers. They have Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, [Drew] Bennett and they have a good quarterback so you have to get ready to play and they have a good defense so you have to be ready."

WR Joey Galloway

(On his success against the New Orleans Saints) "It's really not me. They gave us some opportunities and Jeff [Garcia] made the plays today. He made great throws and when we see certain looks offensively, and we always say, take what they give us, and they gave us a chance to get on their safeties a few times, and Jeff made a nice throw."

(On his multiple chances) "I think offensively when your defense gives you the ball back in really good field position, it changes the mindset of the offense and it also changes the mindset of the defense. The third time we stayed on the ball, which makes them then scramble around and call their defense on the run and Jeff [Garcia] made a nice throw and we made a big play."

(On the offense feeding off the defense) "Anytime our defense goes out and plays the way they did today, anytime we get the ball back on the 40 or 50-yard line, it makes it a lot easier and it makes it more fun to play offense when it happens. Really, the game they played today, if they're going to play that kind of defense, if that's the way they're going to be, then we can win a lot of games here."

(On if he saw anything from the Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints game film) "I don't know that you look at an offensive tape from another team and say that's encouraging. I think you see some things and you try to fit it into your offense. We always feel like if we can get a free release and get a good run at a safety, regardless of who it is, we feel like we can find some success versus defenses. I think everyone came in talking about [CB Jason David] and I think he had a bad game versus the Colts and I think people took that as that's the kind of guy he was, and I don't believe that. Everyone's a professional and it was different. I think he played a different game today, and we beat some other guys. We found some success in other places."

(On the production of the offense) "It makes it fun. It's good to do it at home, it's good to do it against a team like the Saints. They're a very good football team, everyone knew that coming in. I don't think anyone really gave us a chance to win this game except ourselves, to go out and get a big win this early in our season, we have to build on that. We didn't play our best game, but we played a good one."

QB Jeff Garcia

(On sustaining drives and being productive on offense) "It definitely happened. It starts up front, the offensive line did a great job up front. They have a good front four from the Saints and [they] controlled the line of scrimmage. It wasn't that we had slow methodical drives and there were a couple drives where we did pound our way down the field, but we were able to hit some big plays. Joey [Galloway] came up with some big plays today. The defense played outstanding versus a good Saints offense. It was just a matter of taking care of business in the redzone.

(On the offensive line from last week to this week) "I think the offensive line, when called upon, did a great job of protecting and it was just one of those things where things clicked today. They did an outstanding job of coming out prepared and seizing the task at hand and taking care of business. It made us feel really comfortable back in the pocket to a point of being able to find our receivers and make plays down the field,"

(On scoring the first touchdown) "It was a big step. I think it is something that we feel and realize in ourselves that it's just a matter of execution. We found out ways to execute today and to take care of our opportunities on the field. [We found out ways] to be able to create distance from the other team by putting points on the board and not settling for field goals in the red zone. Having the big play ability and Joey [Galloway] out on the field, Joey made some tremendous plays and created some opportunities when the momentum was in our direction."

(On creating opportunities with WR Joey Galloway) "They played us very similar to how they played the Colts last week. It was picking and choosing your time and creating opportunities down the field and that's what the Colts did and that's what we were able to do. We were able to find some opportunities down the field and Joey [Galloway], it's no secret he has great speed, [and] he has great acceleration. He creates opportunities on the field. We did a great job of hitting him on the slant and giving him an opportunity to catch the ball on the run, then a great block by WR Michael Clayton sprung him for the touchdown and then finding him over the middle a couple times against a cover-two zone. It was one of those things where we felt that we take advantage of certain opportunities. We were fortunate to do that today, [and] things aren't going to come like that all the time. When the opportunity strikes you have to be ready for it and you have to give him an opportunity to make a play and he made some great ones today."

LB Cato June

(On the defense getting an early start which led to a touchdown) "That's what we're trying to do, go out there and get the ball back for our offense. Three-and-outs, turnovers and just try to do our job. Maybe we can kick start, like you said, and get a seven-point lead."

(On the 14-0 lead and the defense) "They have one or two things. They can stick to their game plan or they can go into a more passing mode. We feed off the offense and the offense feeds off us and that's how we make the game go by. Everybody wants to feed off everybody. The energy levels are high and everyone wants to be the one to make that play."

(On the physicality that was established early by the Buccaneers) "That's the way you want to hit and run. That's what football is all about. You have to tackle, hit and run, block, catch and just protect the football. It's pretty simple. When you have guys flying around and want to make that play and defensively want to hit the ball carrier with the ball or anybody, just hit and run and play fast and have a good time out there."

(On his interception) "When you get the opportunity to make a play you have to capitalize. The Bucs defense, we expect to make big plays. It's not about you make a good play, no we expect you to make the plays you're in the position to make."

RB Cadillac Williams

(On his injury) "The ribs did good. I was so worried about it last night. I didn't go to bed until 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning. I was just up thinking about it. I didn't know how I was going to react to a hit. Truth be told, it was still real sore. I had a problem breathing here and there. I just felt good. I felt like if I could come out here and move around a little bit, and it only hurt a little bit, I felt like I could give it a try and take it play by play."

(On performance in the red zone) "It is big for us to score touchdowns in the red zone instead of field goals, real big for us. This whole week we really focused on the red zone. Coach Gruden didn't panic about our redzone. For some reason we didn't make plays in he red zone last week, but it was big for us to get touchdowns in the red zone."

(On being surprised to get the ball in the red zone) "As long as I am healthy and I can go I am sure my number will be called. I was looking forward to it."

(On the feeling of getting the ball in the red zone) "I didn't know how it felt. I had one last year the second game of the season. So it has been a long time since me and my buddy the endzone communicated."

(On the pain from his injury) "It was cool. I am not going to make myself some macho man."


Head Coach Sean Payton

(Opening comments) "Obviously, it was a disappointing loss. It is frustrating when you are playing a team like Tampa Bay, a divisional game on the road. Basically, what I told our team after the game is that we've had no consistency in two weeks now offensively. The ball is on the ground, we've dropped some passes, missed some blocks. We can't operate like that and be effective. We can't operate without 11 guys being on the same page. That is something we have got to continue to correct or it is going to bite us in the butt. And as a result of that, now that pressure shifts to the defense. They are on the field more, and we hold them in check, then give up a big pass play. Too many today. Credit Tampa Bay. I think they played one heck of a game. The quarterback played well, Galloway got behind us. Defensively, they did a good job swarming to the football and getting turnovers. We didn't play well enough and we lost the football game because of it. If you are looking tangibly, specifically at things we need to improve on. It is going to be hard to win in any game if you are putting it on the ground. I think we had it on the ground four times, if you are dropping balls, if you are giving up big pass plays, all the other stuff goes by the wayside. Credit Tampa Bay and Jon [Gruden] and his staff and team. They did a good job today. They beat us today."

(On the offensive line) "It is not just those five guys now. It was a lot of guys. We get a guy seven yards downfield on a run, then we fumble the football. Instead of our ball at the 40-yard line, it's their ball at the 40 something and they go on to score. Instead of a seven-point swing, it is a 14-point swing."

(On confidence in being able to correct mistakes) "I'm confident in the guys we have on this team, character-wise. I think they are mentally tough. I think they are guys that want to be good. I think they will work at improving. Us as coaches have to look long and hard at what we are doing to make sure we're giving them the best opportunity. We'll get it corrected. I'm confident."

(On how the team is playing) "I'm disappointed. I'm not surprised, I'm disappointed, and frustrated obviously. We have to get it corrected."

QB Drew Brees

(On if there is a specific reason for how they're playing) "I think that when you look at it from statistics, or as you're watching the game it's mental errors, it's penalties. It's not being able to hold onto the football, too many turnovers. I think that from an attitude standpoint maybe it's that we are used to going out there and having a lot of success. We're used to going out there and making a lot of plays. We have to allow those plays to come to us. We have to do what we've been coached to do and take it one play at time and not try to force anything and those plays will happen. If you do the right thing long enough, good things will happen. We're going to take a look at the last two games, identify the problems and we will fix them. We will get back on track."

(On his surprise of the offensive problems in the last two games) "We are surprised and disappointed and I think we need to take a good look at ourselves [and] identify the problems and figure how to fix it. We have the ability to be a very good offense – one of the best, if not the best in this league. Unfortunately, we're not playing like it right now. Very uncharacteristic things, too, but it is definitely things that can be fixed and we will fix them."

(On if he can be a better leader) I'm the only guy on the offense that touches the ball every play besides the center. It's my job to make sure I'm getting in the right play. It's my opportunity to make the right play and not turn the ball over. Offensively, we haven't put our defense in a very good position here in the last two games. We have kind of left them high and dry at times. For me it's just getting back to basics; making one play at a time and having confidence and attitude."

RB Reggie Bush

(On if he's shocked with their performance on the field) "Yes, when we know we haven't played up to our abilities. We are selling ourselves short a little bit. Part of it is my fault, we have to hold onto the ball and not turn the ball over. We just haven't played like ourselves."

(On the poor performance) "Turnovers, we have to score points on offense. We can't give up the big play on defense and that really sums it up."

(On their inability to get to QB Jeff Garcia) "He is going to make plays. That's what he does best by allowing his receivers more time to get open. Yes, it hurts us a little bit by allowing him to scramble a little bit and giving him more time for his receivers, so by doing that, that opened up for big plays for them."

WR Marques Colston

(On what is going wrong) "As you can see on the field, we're just not ourselves out there. We turn the ball over more than normal, [We] can't set up the run game, [And we] can't get the ball downfield right now."

(On pressing too hard) "No. We've played two pretty good defenses and when you don't bring your 'A' game in this league, you're going to get beat. Like I said, we have to go back to the drawing board and come out better against Tennessee."

(On if the turnovers are the main problem) "If you turn the ball over in this league, you definitely decrease your chances of winning. It has a lot to do with it and we have to go back on Tuesday and get back at it."

(On if teams are playing the Saints differently this year) "I don't think it's anything that the defenses are really doing, I think we just have to get in sync. [We just need] a good week of preparation, a home game definitely helps on Monday night and we just have to come back."

LB Scott Fujita

(On the game) "I can only speak for the defense. We talked about preventing the big play and creating more turnovers and we didn't do that. If teams are going to be able to throw the ball like that down the field on us, we're going to have problems. It starts with everybody, the guys up front, linebackers, the guys in the back, we all have to play better ball."

(On if overconfidence is a problem) "I don't think so. A couple of the Tampa Bay guys came up to me after the game and they said that it's going to be tough, that everybody is gunning for you now, and you guys are going to be marked. I came into this season liking that feeling. I always wanted to be at the top and have people gunning for us. Whatever it is, we have to get our focus. Everybody has to get on the same page and play better, it's everybody. We win together, we lose together and this was a team loss, and a big one."

(On being 0-2) "It's tough. I've started the season 0-10 once before and it's rough. I'm not sweating it too bad, but I'm not happy, not happy at all. I think we have the right guys in here, I wouldn't replace anybody in this locker room. It's just about getting all of us on the same page. We all have to play better, starting with me and everybody else."

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