Tampa Bay Buccaneers

09-20-2009 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Raheem Morris

(General Comments) "Tough game, tough loss. Were not going to win those type of games whenever we give a team a 14 point lead and have to come back, thats not going to be our best effort that day. We did fight back, made the game close. I give our team a lot of credit for that. We played a very good football team today. Our plan was to stop the run using a seven-man box and obviously failed at doing that. They have a very good running back in (Fred) Jackson, who ran the ball very well, broke some tackles, made some people miss he ran the ball well on us today. They executed their game plan great job by their coaching staff great job by the Buffalo Bills.

(On the Bucs' discipline) "Yeah, we got hurt, penalized on offense. This is a very loud place to play, we talked about it all week. Those are the ones that hurt us. The offsides stopped a couple of drives. We did help ourselves we gave them a couple balls on turnovers. But we talked about the crowd noise, the offsides definitely a factor, definitely helped us jump offsides. Definitely a discipline issue weve got to clean up.

(On what the Bucs do well on defense) "Weve got to play fast and play hard. The discipline thats what weve got to do better. We came back, we fought back, had a couple key stops. We jumped into some cover two, jumped into some quarters. They exploited a couple of matchups, they won a couple, we lost a couple. We just got to get better at doing that thats what weve got to do now. Weve got to find out a healthy balance and find out how to win football games.

(On QB Byron Leftwich) "Our QB was fine. Thats not the games were going to win. When weve got to go out there and throw it around like that, get 19 rushing attempts, thats not our type of game. We want to use our ability to run the football. You kind of get spooked out a little when you go down by 14 youve got to make plays there at the end. Theyre not allowing us to run the football taking Cadillac (Williams) , Earnest Graham, and Derrick Ward out of the football game that way were not going to win football games when we do that.

(On allowing the Bills to get out of trouble deep in their own territory) "They ran the ball well. You want to stop them and eliminate the big plays at that point. We feel like we should be able to stop them with the seven guys in the front, the big boys in the front, and we werent able to do it. Then we tried to take a chance and use one of our eight man fronts and they exploited that as well. So they were able to move the ball and get out of there and change the field position, which really helped those guys and gave our offense a long field.

(On not stopping the run) "I really challenged my up-front people this week. I wanted to come out and have the ability to play these guys with two high safties, playing some double-switch looks, and Mr. Jackson did a nice job of taking the handoffs making us pay for it. Then we put our eight-man and he actually broke a tackle there at the end on the eight-man. For the most part, weve got to play better, weve got to play faster, weve got to do some different things on defense to win.

(On two consecutive weeks struggling against the run) "Today we just had a couple of missed tackles. The big one was the missed tackle. We missed a couple tackles on some of our fall backs, things of that nature. Like I said, Buffalos offense did a really nice job and Jackson did a great job there, breaking some tackles and making some plays.

(On the two interceptions in the first quarter) "Those will kill you. We had nice drives, moved the ball well. Weve got to end those things with field goals or punts and keep those guys backed up to give our defense a chance. To get the turnovers really hurts you, especially when they get one and they score with it. And the other one they get, they have an opportunity to take it down there and score as well. Weve got to eliminate the turnovers, which we did in the 2nd half. Weve just got to be better starting the games and better finishing games."

(On the facemask penalties) "The facemask deal one was an aggressive play by Aqib (Talib) making a nice tackle, his hand slipped up top. The face mask penalties this year are going to be a lot more strict there is no more five yard rule. If you touch the face mask, theyre going to get you. The first face mask (penalty) weve got to eliminate. I believe they had a 15-yard penalty on the same type of deal. The discipline one was the short-yardage one, I believe Gaines (Adams) got. You cant have that youve got to cut that one out.

(On if he thought about sticking with the run) "Well, we could have made a different decision, with the running attack on that one deal there. We went for the pass they got us on a three-and-out. We were forced to punt the ball and we had to get it back there with about eight minutes left.

(on if he's worried about his team's confidence) "No, Im not worried about the confidence. Weve just got to play better. Some of the individual battles that we talked about, that we lost, theyll get better each week. 25 (Aqib Talib) I dont worry about 25 will come back as confident as ever next week, ready to win that battle. Ronde Barber, he lost a couple of battles early, but came back and made a couple of splash plays down the stretch. Im not worried about the confidence. They guys will bounce back theyll bounce back quickly. I dont worry about this young football team at all with their confidence. They just want to win a game and theyre very hungry.

QB Byron Leftwich

(On offensive mistakes) "Most of the time we get hurt its us making the mistakes. Not them beating us. We need to learn to not do that. The difference in winning football games is four or five plays. They made four or five more plays than us. Thats why they won."

(On running the ball) "We wanted to run the ball but as you can see how the game went we werent able to. It happened just like that last week. We got into the mentality that we had to pass the ball due to getting down early. We had a plan but thats the funny thing about plans (they dont) always work. We still have to do a better job of not making mistakes and not hurting our chances of winning."

(On the interception return for a touchdown) "I was throwing to Williams and I moved to my left. I turned to throw and a guy grabbed both of my feet. I was trying to not throw it and take a sack thats why the throw was high. But I couldnt hold on to it and I knew right away it was bad."

(On the 4th-and-1 play) "I dont really know what happened. Id have to see it again. All I know is that he didnt get it. Thats the kind of play we need to make to win. I love the way coach Morris calls plays I love his aggressiveness and confidence in us. I feel we let him down in not converting that fourth down. Were not into moral victories. We need wins. We ran into a team that played better than us today."

(On being in a lot of third-and-ones) "I dont know. If youre always in 3rd-and-long like we were today youre not going to win. Its too hard to convert it. We need to keep it to 3rd-and-short to allow us to pick up the first down. If you look at the 3rd-and-longs youll see we put ourselves in that situation."

(On the penalties compounding the turnovers) "Yes we could never really get into a rhythm. We did some good things but it always felt as if we were going uphill. We didnt make a lot of mistakes last week. But this week we did."

(On the Bills' halftime adjustments) "No not really. They didnt seem to make any adjustments. We didnt see anything different. It was just our 3rd-and-longs and wed pick up nine or 10 (yards) and still have to punt. We just did a bad job of converting and keeping our defense off the field."

(On missing WR Antonio Bryant) "Any time you dont have a player like Antonio, lets just be honest, it hurts. He can play the game of football but thats not why we lost. Yes, we missed having a player of that caliber in our huddle. Well get him healthy and in the huddle."

RB Earnest Graham

(On his team having a chance to win) "We were doing a couple of things wrong at the wrong time. Yeah I would say just about all of it was self-inflicted."

(On bouncing back after the loss) "Like any other team at this point we've got to just go back and get better. Our schedule doesnt get any easier. Theres certain things we cant do. We cant turn the ball over, we cant give up plays, cant get penalties. We did all of those things at the wrong time tonight. We cant do it, man. Footballs a real simple game."

WR Michael Clayton

(General thoughts on the game) "We made a lot of mistakes early and just couldnt get over that hump. It was a total team effort on both sides of the ball; we just didnt pay attention to detail and couldnt do the things that we had planned on coming into this game and executing. It definitely hurt us; we came out in the second half with great energy but continued to make some mistakes. These are things that were definitely going to have to clean up. We played hard though, gave ourselves a chance to win. Im proud of the guys, were putting it together."

(On the Bills defenses focus on Tampas running game) "Every week is going to be like that. With our backs, we can definitely do some dynamic things. There are dynamic skilled people on this team; weve just got to feed off of them. Weve got to do a better job as an offense of keeping our composure, getting off to a faster start and paying attention to detail."

(On the mentality of the team) "Were fighting hard right now. Everybody has their heads up, we just plan on getting better week by week. We cant afford to make the mistakes that were making, as a team weve got to go back and correct the details. Being able to execute early in the game is a key point that will help us win some ball games down the line."

(On what they need to do to improve) "Weve got to hold everybody accountable. Its tough sometimes, but its all in the game. Everybody has to hold each other accountable. Weve got to come together as a squad and pay attention to detail."

(On what his offense has to do to get better) "We can definitely do some dynamic things with our backs. There are skilled people on this team right now that can get it done, we just got to feed off them. We have to do a better job as an offense keeping our composure, getting a faster start and paying attention to detail like the rushing mistakes, thats what we got to do."

(On whether or not hes frustrated with the two losses) "No. Its not frustrating. Its a long season, its week two. Were fighting hard right now, everybody has their head up. We just plan on getting better week by week. We cant afford to make the mistakes that were making. As a team we have to go back, correct the details and being able to execute earlier in the game is one of the key parts."

RB Carnell Williams

(On his touchdown catch) "Oh man, it was good to catch my first TD catch because thats what Ive been labeled as my whole career is a guy that cant catch. It was good to go out there and put up some receiving yards, but man it wouldve been much better if we couldve got a W."

(On Fred Jackson surprising players with his game) "No doubt man, he did. To me, hes a guy that gets north and south, he runs behind his pads, nice vision. The offensive line did a good job. Youve got to tip your hat off to the guy. The guy ran hard."

(On watching Fred Jackson on film) "To be honest with you, I play offense so I dont really get into watching the other teams offense. So, I havent seen much of him, but I did watch the Monday night game, knew that catches he came out. The ability is there, you could definitely see that."

(On being taken out of the run-game early on due to turnovers) "Man, it was real frustrating. Any time you have penalties, turn the ball over a lot like we did. Youre on the road. Its just tough to win that way. Every man has to look themselves in the eye and just man up, because for us to become a good team we definitely cant turn the ball over. We definitely cant have the penalties we had, offense and defense, as a team, as a whole, we just cant have it."


Head Coach Dick Jauron

(Opening Statement) "It was great to get that first win. It just seemed like the game that would never end there. The last five minutes kind of lasted forever, but the guys played awfully hard and the turnovers, taking the ball from them was huge. Giving it back to them was not so good, but I thought all in all just played really a terrific game and earned their first win. Have a lot of respect for Tampa coming in, they play hard. They played Dallas right deep into that game, lost on a couple big plays and they played us hard, so I was really pleased with our football team."

(On how big it was for the teams psyche to get this win after lasts loss) "Big it was big. You know them, they work awfully hard and they just keep coming back. They get knocked down and they get up and go, but they make it interesting. Hopefully the young guys will keep progressing like they are because theyre playing pretty well and we can stay a little bit healthier than we seem to be staying. On that issue, both Derek (Schouman) and Brad (Butler) have knees and were just going to have to wait for further tests. Leodis (McKelvin) was an ankle and then Shawn (Nelson) was the shoulder and theyre all going to need a little time to evaluate here, but that was not good, we were down to one tight end."

(On if hes thinking the worst on the knee injuries) "No, I never think the worst. So well wait and see what happens."

(On if he felt they had the game clinched after SS Donte Whitners interception) "No, very seldom, quite honestly, do I feel that way in a professional football game. You see so many things happen. Until it ends, I dont feel like weve got them where we need them to be until it ends and were on top. It was a good start but thats all it is. Thats all it is and youve got to sustain it. And you know that teams have the ability to make plays and theyve (Tampa Bay) got some big play makers there, and experience at quarterback and they run the ball very well. So kind of felt that theyd be back and they did; they came back."

(On how he'd describe RB Fred Jackson) "I dont know how you describe Freddy. He can do just about anything. Hes a terrific athlete he can return the ball, he catches the ball extremely well, runs hard, a slasher in there, very tough to get down on the ground as you saw today. Just a terrific football player and a great teammate."

(On Jonathan Scott at right tackle tonight) "Watching him off and on, obviously I cant watch him every play, I thought he did a nice job. I tip my hat to Jonathan Scott. Hes come in during the off-season last year, really just worked and worked and worked. Had great attitude and earned a right to be on this team and there he is on the field. Were hoping the best for Brad (Butler) but were glad weve got Jonathan (Scott)."

(On how RB Fred Jackson reacted after his fumble) "Freddy gets down on himself but hes a pro. Youve got to have a short memory, probably at any position in this game, but I would say defensive secondary, wide receivers, running backs, skilled people, boy youve got to forget it fast because were dependent on you and they know it, they know were dependent on them."

(On how hed assess QB Trent Edwards and if he had good poise tonight) "Obviously there are things that even he can improve on and I believe that he will. That hell learn every game we take another step, but all in all, it was kind of what we wanted. Scared them a little bit deep and hurt them a little bit deep, so those are all good things."

QB Trent Edwards

(On todays win) "We were up in last weeks game same situation and we found a way to win this week. We were up a couple scores in the fourth quarter and guys buckled down and I think we learned our lesson from last week and it as a valuable lesson that we are going to need throughout the season. The game is never over until the clock reads double zero. Thats the bottom line and thats what we did today."

(On the single coverage Lee Evans first touchdown play) "That situation was just a third and short call and we practiced it all week. It was a called run to Fred to get a first down run with some yardage, but they played a certain front thats not a great run look so we checked to a certain pass and the line did a great job up front protecting me and giving me enough time and Lee Evans ran an impressive route against a good DB Ronde Barber and he got pretty open and I was almost surprised how open he was when I went over to look at him. You find a way to get him the ball he is going to score a touchdown."

(On the Terrell Owens touchdown) "We had called that play earlier in the game, we kept running the ball, running the ball, and finally those safeties started coming down and we had made the adjustment on the sideline and said next time we call run we are going to get a play action fake and throw it over the top. We did it in the first half and missed it. We wanted to get it again and it was a great call by Alex (Van Pelt). We had just picked up first down and they were on their heels a little bit and it was just a first sound cadence and we caught them in an all out blitz and Terrell did the rest. You just have to throw the ball as far as you can and he can run under it."

(On Fred Jackson's production in the first two week) "Fred Jackson has these past two weeks been very impressive, but to me I see it everyday in practice, the past two years since Ive been here and hes the guy who takes advantage of the opportunity. Now that Marshawn (Lynch) is out hes played well these past two games and hes going to get another shot next week. To go along with that it takes an offensive line to block for Fred Jackson and those five guys up front as well as Jonathan Scott filling in for Brad Butler did a great job all night and I think Fred would say the same thing."

(On the balanced offense in todays game) "That is tough, defensive coordinator wise, if they are going to drop out into coverage we are going to run the ball with Fred Jackson if they drop down we are going to throw the ball up top. So it gives us great balance and Alex (Van Pelt) the freedom to do whatever he needs to do and a balanced attack is a pretty hard one to stop."

RB Fred Jackson

(On todays win) "It is a great feeling, more importantly because we got the win. I think Alex (Van Pelt) did a great job with his play calling. The guys up front did a great job blocking as well as our receivers doing a good job blocking down field. They made some plays that will help us in the running game."

(On the importance of throwing the ball) "Its huge. Anytime you have two weapons like that it is going to open up everything. You have guys like Roscoe (Parish) and Josh (Reed) that can work the middle, not to exclude the tight ends, that can work the middle and you have plays like that being made on the outside which is going to open up everything for us. It helps the running game. Its huge in the running game because they have to account for those guys all the time and you cant bring safeties in for that, so as a running back we love to have two threats outside."

(On his fumble) "It is something that is a part of the game. The ball was wet, I was hit and it came out. Plays like that are going to happen to you and you have to have a short term memory. I put our defense in a bad situation and I told the guys I was going to try to do something for them the second half."

(On the success off the outside runs) "I wouldnt say anything changed too much. Our offensive line did a great job. D (Demetrius) Bell did a good job pulling for me, and on the other side, they were doing a good job getting them off the ball and our receivers did a good job sealing the edge for me. And I think that more than anything we just wore them down a little bit and thats when we were able to take advantage of that."

(On the importance of the win today coming off Monday nights loss) "It was huge. It was a win that felt like we should have had on Monday so we knew we had to come out here and get this one. We cant lose at home. We have to win everything at home and go 50 percent on the road and that should get us into the playoffs. Thats how we are approaching it. So every time we come home we should not lose a game."

(On being a top priority for upcoming opponents in future weeks defensively) "It is a challenge I am looking forward to. It is something you pride yourself on. You want to be accounted for by defenses. But like I said, with the two guys we have outside and with Josh (Reed) and Roscoe (Parrish) working the middle, other teams have a lot to prepare for. It is just a challenge for us we have to look for week to week and we are looking forward to it and we are excited with every opportunity we get."

S Donte Whitner

(On his interception) "On that play we were in three deep coverage, saw the quarterback, he had some pressure on him, he wanted to get the ball out quick to the back because he had been hitting those check downs all day when the pressure had come. I just wanted to make a jump on the football. I saw the ball, caught it and it felt good. I had to slow down a little bit because I knew we were going back on defense right after that in a couple minutes so I wanted to conserve a little energy. That right there is team defense. The guys get pressure up front and we make plays in the back and as long as we continue to get that pressure we will be able to make plays on the football."

(On killing other teams momentum) "We look forward to those plays. We make a lot of those plays in practice and we watch a lot of film as a unit. When I first got here we didnt watch too much together, but now guys are really comfortable with each other and throughout the week we stay an extra hour or two to get our communication down. It is not all a happy time because sometimes guys see things differently, and you have to iron those things out so its better to go back and forth in a debate session on Thursday and Friday rather than on the football field on Sunday afternoon. It has been helping a lot and helping guys to become more and more comfortable with each other."

(On todays rebound from an emotional loss last week) "I was emotional but I wasnt in the dumps. I felt like I could have played another football game after that mentally. But it hurts when you put in so much work and you look forward to the opening game. When you look at that schedule and see New England on a Monday night it is special so when you go out there and play your hearts out and have an opportunity to win a game and you are up eleven with four minutes left, I would bet every dollar I have that we are going to win that football game. So when someone snatches that win from you, it is tremendously hard, especially when you put the work in, going in as under dogs and every one doubting us. We just wanted to prove to ourselves that we could do it and prove to everyone else that this year we have a good football team."

S Bryan Scott

(On recovering from last weeks tough loss) "Most things from last week gave us a lot of confidence. We took the positives with the negatives and we learned from the negatives and applied them today. We are going to have to do the exact same thing for the next one."

(On the Bills backups filling in for injured starters) "They filled in great, and in this game you have so many injuries and guys have to be ready to go. We have guys, I dont like to think of them as backups, they are starters waiting for that opportunity to get on the field and those young guys did a hell of a job stepping up today."

WR Lee Evans

(On getting the passing game going) "I think we made plays when we had to. We kind of ran into a lull a little bit and they took the momentum back but we found a way to get it back and finish off this game. Its a good learning experience for everybody especially with a young football team. I think we did a good job of responding when we didnt have the momentum."

(On playing with the empty backfield) "It was just a big play. The defense was playing well and we just needed something to turn our way. We had opportunities all day but its about making them. We let a few go in the first half but we knew there were going to be some more there. We took advantage of it in the second half."

(On his touchdown catch) "It was one of those checks that if we got a specific look than we knew what we were going to check to. It comes down to the communication I was talking about. We executed it well when they showed us the look. Everybody knew what we were going to and we executed it well. Trent (Edwards) just threw it out there and I just made a play."

(On the play of Trent Edwards) "I think he played well. One of the good things was our running game was going really well and we took shots when we had the opportunity. Whether we completed them or not we were throwing the ball downfield so the defense had to take ease of that. I think Trent did a good job of staying in there."

(On the play of Fred Jackson) "Unbelievable. He probably had 50 yards in extra effort yards. He just kept running and kept playing and hes just never down. You just never know. When you are trying to block for him sometimes its hard. He did a tremendous job. He carried the load for us."

(On the Terrell Owens touchdown) "It was a big play. We started by running the ball so much that they took a chance and closed the middle. They tried to run blitz us and get to Trent before he could get the ball out. Those are the type of looks that we have to take advantage of. We both let one go earlier in the game and he made up for it there. We knew it was going to come down to us making a big play in that game for us to go ahead and we did that."

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