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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

09-21-2003 - Post Game Quotes

Atlanta Head Coach Dan Reeves on the overall view of the game: "When you play a good football team you can't make mistakes, and we made way too many. We can't make offensive turnovers. That's what they thrive on. We didn't make good decisions and defensively we gave up some big plays. They're a good football team. We just didn't play well enough to win. We had no running game and we had to throw a football which led to an interception. I still thought we were in it when the defense got the turnover. Then they got the ball and drove right back down the field. Then we fumbled the ensuing kickoff. We just made way too many mistakes to be successful."

Reeves on what options were left when Tampa Bay shut down the running game: "Not many. As I said, execution is what it's all about. We weren't executing and running our passing game, so we didn't have many choices. We just didn't do a good job."

Atlanta running back Warrick Dunn on what can be taken from the loss: "We won't know until we go back and look at film. If you look at the first half, if we don't turn the ball over and kick field goals and put some points on the board…but they really got us out of synch and we gave them a short field."

Dunn on playing next week at Carolina: "All the games are good and you don't want to lose one, but we don't want to lose two-in-a-row in our own division. This next game is huge. And Carolina, their defense is just as dominant as Tampa's. There is a lot of pressure on the offense to go out and make plays. As a team, we have to go out and play a lot better."

Atlanta linebacker Chris Draft on the Falcons' performance: "It just wasn't good enough. We know they're the number one defense in the NFL and we know it has to be a close game if we have a chance to win. We didn't stop them."

Draft on the turnovers in the game: "There were a lot of turnovers, but if we want to be the number one defense, we have to be able to come out and get a stop; we can't let them get momentum from interceptions and fumbles and then take it and score. We have to go out there and change the momentum in our way."

Draft on the defense giving up big plays: "They got some plays here, they got some plays there. We haven't been consistent with our defensive play. They're going to get a play here and a play there and it adds up to a bad performance."

Atlanta safety Cory Hall on his first regular season game as a Falcon: "It was cool. Nobody likes to face adversity and lose, but for the first time out there with the boys, I enjoyed it. I just wish things could have gone the other way. If we could have come out of my first game with a W, that would have made it really special. It was good just to be back out there and playing."

Hall on what the Falcons can take from the loss: "We've just got to cut down on the mistakes; we're going to have to focus more. Sometimes we just got beaten. You line up across from another NFL player and you get beaten, they're getting paid as well, they're in the NFL also; sometimes that's going to happen. What we have to do is minimize the mistakes and then let the rest of the game play out."

Atlanta running back Woodrow Dantzler on getting into the end zone: "It's always good to go out and spark something for the team."

Dantzler on wishing he had been able to do more: "I don't go and say I wish I could do more. When called upon, I'm going to do my job and do it to the best of my abilities."

Atlanta defensive tackle Ed Jasper on the loss: "What we should all do is go home, don't go out partying and stuff like that, and take a long look in the mirror and see if we really want to do this."

Atlanta quarterback Doug Johnson on his three interceptions in the second quarter: "You can't win throwing three interceptions. I have to do a better job of that. It put us in a hole we couldn't really climb out of. You have to turn the page and look to next week because it's a really long season. You can't dwell on one game. We've got 13 more."

Johnson on the Buccaneers' defense: "They're a great team—personnel-wise—on defense. They're not going to try and fool you. You just can't throw three interceptions and beat them. That' s just a hard deficit to overcome."

Atlanta wide receiver Peerless Price on whether or not the first Doug Johnson interception set the tone for the game: "I don't think it set the tone for the game, I just think that right now – at this stage – they're a better football team than us. They came out and played a great game and beat us on both sides of the ball."

Price on having a tough time against Tampa: "I just think that you can't play to their strengths; you've got to do things differently. Their front seven is like no other in this league. We had our chances, we just didn't make any plays."

Altanta tight end Alge Crumpler on knowing his team had to establish the run: "That was the biggest thing on offense: we had to run the ball. We got behind, then we had to throw the ball. When we were forced into throwing the ball, we couldn't do anything with it."

Crumpler on having a tough task in Carolina next week: "We do have a tough team to play next week, especially their defense. Their defense was great last year and it's more improved this year."

Crumpler on pressing the ball on offense: "I think we were pressing the ball a little bit because we were forced into throwing the ball. When any team in the NFL becomes one dimensional, it becomes tough to move the ball. When we got behind and we had to throw the ball, it was very tough. As far as the game plan, we could have stuck with the run, but we got behind and it was a tough situation for us."

Atlanta safety Keion Carpenter on being ready for Tampa: "We made too many mental mistakes. We prepared well, but we need to take the practice field to the game."

Atlanta defensive end Patrick Kerney on what the Falcons have to do: "We have to work hard and find a way to beat Carolina. We have to look at the film, learn lessons from it and correct our mistakes in practice."

Kerney on Buccaneers' quarterback Brad Johnson: "Brad Johnson is a great quarterback. He gets rid of the ball and gets rid of it to open receivers. He knows that offense so well and he knows where guys are going to be."

Kerney on the loss: "This upsets me. I hate losing NFC games. I hate losing NFC South games. I hate losing at home. I hate losing, period.

Atlanta Linebacker Keith Brooking on the touchdown pass to Michael Pittman: "That was my man. It was my fault. I got beat. They set me up the play before when they threw a pass in the flat. They do that well with Pittman and they know how to move him."

Brooking on the next week: "We need a win. I don't care if we are 3-0. We were 1-3 last year and came back and made the playoffs. Obviously, we would like to be in a better position than 1-2. We have to bounce back from this. We have a tough opponent next week. What we have to do now is keep our heads up and stay positive."

Brooking on Warren Sapp's touchdown catch: "We were in man coverage. To be honest, I don't know whose responsibility it was. It was a great call. They had their running personnel in the game and found a way to slip him through there."

Brooking on momentum in the contest: "Every game is a game of momentum. We dug an early hole. The momentum changed when Pitman caught the long touchdown pass. With the defense they have, we couldn't afford to get in a hole like that and we did."

Brooking on the rest of the season: "There is a ton of football left to play. We have 13 games and we have to get this thing turned around. We have to dig ourselves out of this hole. Fortunately it is not a big hole, but we still have to play with a sense of urgency."

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