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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

09-27-2009 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Raheem Morris

(Opening Statement) We were clearly out-manned today. We were beat by a grown man team today, a team we want to be like one day. They came in here and took it to us. Out-manned us, out-gunned us. They were the better team today, clearly. It wasnt even close.

(On how to get better) We have no choice but to get better than this performance today. You get five first downs and youre zero for nine on third down. You have 86 yards total offense. It was completely disastrous. I dont even know if you can blame one man. I dont know if you can blame any two men. You have to go back and look at the whole thing and evaluate everything you did today. The only way you can get better is good eye, bad eye, self-evaluate, move on to the next opponent and be ready. You let this one linger on and youll lose three more backing this one up. This thing is over. That game is over. That game was out-gunned, out-manned, out-everything, out-coached. Whatever you want to call it. They were the better football team today.

(On burning the tape) No, you have to look at it. As a man you have to go look at your mistakes and what you did wrong. You have to self-evaluate. Im not a burn the tape guy. I mean, Im going to burn it in 12 hours, but its there. You are what your tape says you are and right now were not a very good football team.

(On running game) When you talk about not making excuses, youre not going to do that. Jeff Faine, one of our better players has been out. It is not Sean Mahans fault. We have to get better. We have to get better play out of our running backs. We have to get better play out of our line. We have to get better plays out of our coaches and we will.

(On players losing confidence) No, Im not worried about the confidence loss. You never worry about losing confidence. That starts with me. I wont lose confidence in these guys and they wont lose confidence in themselves. These guys will come back and they will be better next week. The running game is where we have to start, where we have to end, where we have to be. Theres no secret behind that. Today, with the Giants coming out and being able to stop the run like that, the way they did, creating tough second down and longs all day long to make you have an even tougher third down, is a credit to what they did today. This team was a better football team today. There is no doubt about that. They were more physical. They were bigger. They were faster. They were tougher on all aspects of the game, every single one.

(On Byron Leftwich) Yes, like I said, I cant sit here and tell you that this game can be blamed on any one man. Five first downs, zero for nine on third down, 28 yards rushing. If I take Byron Leftwich out of the game I might as well take everyone else out with him.

DE Gaines Adams

(On how the team bounces back after the loss) We stick together. Thats the main thing. Its a long season. We have to go back to the film and see what we did wrong and improve from there.

(On if he feels singled out as the cause for their loses) Not at all. It is what it is. This is football. Some players get drafted higher than others, some get more pressure put on them than others. Its just the nature of the beast. I dont feel any pressure at all.

(On if he worries about the confidence of the team after a loss like this) Not at all. We are all grown men in the locker room. We know we have a lot more games to play. We also know that we are only a few steps away. We cant get discouraged. We have to come back to practice this week and work hard.

S Will Allen

(On what the Giants did to get a big win) They just controlled the ball and controlled the line of scrimmage. We played well at times on defense. Their defense came out and had a great game. It was tough. They were just tough out there but we have to look forward to Washington. I know its a tough loss but we have to come back ready.

(On the touchdown to WR Steve Smith) It was just a throw and catch. He ran a nice route and he threw it in a spot where a defender couldnt get it. It happens in the NFL. We have to come back with an attitude next week and keep building. We have to stop them and stop the run. We have to make a team one dimensional and go from there.

WR Michael Clayton

(On if he could pinpoint what happened on offense) It was disappointing, a little bit embarrassing. We have to play better. We are a better team than what we showed today, we just couldnt get it going. We are shooting ourselves in the foot and not allowing ourselves to gain momentum. We just have to get better. The only thing that we can do now is look to Washington for some kind of closure. We are going to prepare this week. We are going to try to correct the things that we messed up on. Thats all we can do right now.

(On the Giants execution) They have a heck of a team. I dont want to take anything away from the Giants. They are pretty dominating at what they do. At the same time it was on us a lot of times too. We just cant have that. We have to be in a position where we can move the chains. We just didnt do a good job at that.

DT Chris Hovan

(On what the Giants were doing and what the Buccaneers were not) I think the Giants had a good game plan. They started off strong running the ball and they pretty much put it on their terms. They could run it, throw it when they wanted to, depending on the looks we gave them and sending eight men in the box. Hats off to those guys, they had a good game.

(On what the Buccaneers improved on to keep the score at14-0 at halftime) Just tackling the ball carrier and not letting them get extra yards today. We knew they were going to run it with 27 and 44 and we had to stop them. At the same time, when they get into a third down or a second and long and pass it, we have to get there. So we did some good things today but we didnt do enough good things today to win.

QB Josh Johnson

(On his scramble and the pass to WR Sammie Stroughter) [We were] just taking what they give us in that drive. Earlier they were sinking a lot and as we got closer to the red zone, they started jumping our routes. Sammie came open over top on the underneath route and I just hit him and he made a great play and a great catch on the sideline.

(On if WR Michael Clayton was the primary target in the end zone on the drive) He was just an option. The primary option they covered well. They had max coverage in. In the situation that we were in, we were unfortunate to not run the ball because it was a good look for a run. I just tried to give Michael a chance to make a play but it was just one of those days for us, a lot of missed opportunities for all of us. We have a lot to work on and a lot to look forward to next week.

(On what they werent doing well enough) We just werent executing. Thats what it all boiled down to. What we saw on film and what we came out and saw today was pretty much the same thing. It was just execution from everybody on offense. Tomorrow when we watch the film we just have to look at ourselves in the eye, man up and do what we have been doing the past couple of weeks.

QB Byron Leftwich

(On what happened today) I wish I knew. I wish I had an idea, that way you can adjust and fix it. Whatever it was, it was something that we couldnt find an answer to today, as you can see. Nothing worked all day; nothing went well all day. It stinks when you play that bad because we know were a better football team but youve got to look at it. Its something we did wrong. Its something we did wrong because nobody played well today, to be honest with you. Its something weve got to look at; its something weve got to look ourselves in the mirror at and find a way to not let this happen again.

(On if he had a sense that the team wasnt ready to play today) No, I was sitting there talking to Antonio Bryant. I would have never predicted that. I just didnt see that coming with the way we worked, the way we prepared. But lets just give the Giants the credit that they deserve. They came out here and beat the heck out of us. Like I was telling guys, its not the first time weve had the heck beat out of us but lets just try to make sure its the last. I understand that if you play this game long enough sometimes those things will happen but theyre not acceptable.

(On todays performance and if he was embarrassed) Its frustrating. Ill say its frustrating because its a situation when you dont play well in any places, thats how games look like that. Normally, when the offense is playing bad, you get picked up by special teams. I just dont think anyone played well today and when nobody plays well, these are the type of games you get. Weve got to learn from that, understand that it just cant happen in this league because if you dont go out there and play well enough each weekend, youll have things like this happen to you.

(On if he feels that people are waiting for other people to make a play) I dont think that were waiting for someone else to make a play, I just think the first two weeks we made plays. We didnt make [any] plays; we made zero plays. We made no plays. We made no plays as an offense and you just cant win football games that way. Youre not even going to be close if you go out there and play the way we played today.

(On what the Giants did to take away the running game) I dont know. Ill have to look at it. We all know they have a great front four and they played well today. When you have games like this - I know the Giants played well - but when you have games like this, it comes down to really us not doing a good job. Those guys playing well and were not playing well, thats double trouble. Thats double trouble, and you have games like this. Nobody played well. Were all going to beat ourselves up but understand that when we get in here tomorrow, weve got to get ready and look forward to the Redskins. Thats all we can do, and thats all we can do as a team.

DE Stylez G. White

(On what created the holes for RB Brandon Jacobs to run through) Their offensive line did a great job. Im not going to take anything away from them. We had a couple of missed tackles. We just have to play better ball. Thats as simple as it gets.

(On if the Tampa Bay offense affected the Tampa Bay defense) Our offense doesnt affect at all our defense, our offense handled their problems. We dont want them to put up 24 points on us again. We dont want to play like that. I dont care what our offense does. We help our offense.

(On how you rebound from an 0-3 start) You work hard. Go back to the lab and work harder. You have to get together. Were going to get better.

DE/DT Jimmy Wilkerson

(On rebounding from loss) We have to go back and watch the film. We have to see what we did wrong. We knew coming in that they were a very powerful team in running the ball. Everyone knows how smart Eli [Manning] is controlling the clock and mixing up the plays. We cant let this loss get us down. We have 13 more games.

(On if fatigue was a factor) I dont think we were tiring out, we were just frustrated. If they get a big play on us, we cant let that get us down. We have to go back, get our mind right and come together.

RB Carnell Williams

(On the loss) You have to tip your hat to the Giants. A lot of the stuff is about us. A lot of little things that we are doing is just killing us. Week in and week out, we are starting down 7-0, 14-0. We are starting down. We arent giving ourselves a chance. What we are doing is just setting ourselves up for failure. Somehow, someway, everybody will look in the mirror and find ways to get better.

(On the offensive execution) It was a weird game. The way coach prepared us, the looks and the things that they were doing, it was what we were familiar with; but, for some reason we as players just werent making plays. That starts up front, from the offensive line to the quarterback to the backs. Its disgusting to be honest with you.

(On the teams direction) I mean we are 0-3. We have 13 games left. To me, it is no time to tuck your tail, its no time to start pointing fingers. You just have to go back to the drawing board and continue to get better. I feel like we are going to be okay on offense.


Head Coach Tom Coughlin

(Opening statement) We are pleased to win. It was a physical game. We had a couple of objectives coming in here. We had a game in which we didnt play very well against the run, so we knew that we would be tested and we would have to rise up and do a better job there. We also knew we needed to rush the ball better than we had, so we did a pretty good job with that. I think we had some penalties today. I dont know how many, but that was a little bit bothersome to me. But overall were glad to be able to come in here and glad to be able to win and be 3-0 and have a couple of wins on the road.

(On the offensive line) I think we had 40 plays in the first half, which is what we were trying to do. If our defense could help themselves when they did out there maybe theyd go three and out, give the ball back to the offense, let the offense control the ball again. The offensive line did a nice job and we did accrue kind of a Giant physical day which we needed to have.

(On the defense) Defense did a nice job. They pointed because of the week before and they listened to all the comments all week long, obviously, and had a nice week of practice and went out and did a very good job, stopped things before they got started. There were a couple of times it looked like Derrick Ward was coming through one time and they closed up. Carnell [Williams] came through one time and they closed up pretty quick, so I thought just to keep that kind of pressure so that the down and distance sequences were a majority of the day in our favor.

(On what he meant by the defense listening to the comments all week long) We didnt stop the run, so we heard about it all week which is good. We should have heard about it.

(On the ball control by the offense) That was what we thought we had to do. We had some injuries on the defensive side of the ball. We had to be in a position where we thought our offense was controlling and our defense would have a limited number of snaps which I think is what it was. We did a good job with that. We had a couple of key plays for our offensive team. Eli [Manning] to Sinorice [Moss] was a big play, a nice tip ball play to Steve Smith. We didnt knock it in there every time we were down there. The missed field goal upset me before the half but theres always something you have to work on. There are areas still that we need to get better at and well have some new objectives for this week and players will focus on that.

(On what RB Ahmad Bradshaw brings to the Giants running game) He really did a nice job of that today. I would say yards after contact today he was exceptional. He seemed to really spin and get his pads down and find some area where he could sneak up in there for extra yardage. He was really a force today doing that. I thought he had some real strong runs and he had some runs where he made some nice maneuvers and made people miss. Gartrell [Johnson] was pretty good at the end of the game too I thought. For a young kid coming in hardly knowing the offense, I thought that was pretty good.

(On RT Kareem McKenzie) Im not sure about him. He could not have gone back in.

(On the running backs showing more patience today) That hasnt been the word that Ive been using, but I think we knew the style of defense and there had to be some patience there. Coming in there had been some cut back runs, so you had to give everything a chance to develop if that was going to be the case today.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw

(On getting the running game going) That was our game plan coming in. [We were] trying to get those linebackers flowing to get a lot of cutbacks. We knew the linebackers would run a little bit and I tried to cut it back as much as I could and it was there.

(On his 38-yard run) It was really a misdirection. I actually went towards the play that I wasnt supposed to go [laughter], but it popped open. Mario [Manningham] kept the DB out wide and I was able to squeeze on through and just try to use my ability and my speed to hit it.

RB Brandon Jacobs

(On his thoughts) We got a W. It could have been a little better. Were still trying to get better and better each week. I think were working towards where we want to be. Weve got to keep working.

(On how well they ran the ball) Oh definitely. I thought the offensive line blocked well. They moved people out of the way. We made some plays in the running game. I might have had a couple big runs and thats what we needed.

QB Eli Manning

(On how he is doing) Im doing well. How are you? It was hot out there. It was a little hot but we managed and got off to a fast start. The rain kind of came in and cooled things off a little bit.

(On his performance) Yeah, I thought we did a lot of things really well today and obviously one of our main concerns was you know once we got to the red zone getting touchdowns and we did a lot better on that today. We got off to a great start with the first drive getting down there and obviously a goal was to be able to run the ball down there was very important. They were playing a lot of two high and safeties deep so we needed the run. The offensive line and Brandon Jacobs got in and we ran the ball terrific all day and you know we just were sharp for most of the game. The rain came in, it got a little tough to throw on a few things so my ball sailed high but for the most part we protected unbelievable, ran the ball well and our defense did a great job of getting us the ball and we did a good job of having long drives and controlling the clock.

(On the game plan) We just had to see what they were going to do. They were playing a lot of two safeties deep and guys were coming down, safeties were coming down late and we ran the ball very effectively and up front just controlled the line of scrimmage and in the passing game we were efficient, kind of throwing underneath for most of the stuff. Guys did a great job when we had to scramble guys making some tough catches. We had some tight throws and receivers did a good job of holding on to the ball and making plays.

(On how running the ball well helps) You just stay in rhythm. You stay within your game plan and so youre just in good situations. You got a lot of second and sixes and stuff, second and fives where you can run, you can throw if you dont have a great play then you got a third and manageable situations you dont have to sit there and hold it real long back in the pocket. You can kind of dictate what the defense is doing and not the other way around and so I thought we stayed in rhythm. We didnt have many negative plays and that was good. That was good to come in there and play like we did.

(On Ahmad Bradshaws performance) I thought Ahmad ran hard. I mean I thought all our running backs ran very hard, made the first guy miss a lot up on the safeties, cut things back. We knew it was a fast team. They want to flow to the ball. There was a lot of opportunities to cut things back and I think both Brandon [Jacobs] and Ahmad read the defense well and ran hard. They were lowering their shoulders getting five and six yards and tough yards and played outstanding.

WR Mario Manningham

(On what was working well) Just executing, going through our plays, just doing what we have to do to convert on third down, to make the big catch and the touchdown.

(On keeping the Buccaneers defense on the field) It comes in handy because you dont want your defense out there for a long time. Defense wins games so we wanted them off the field. We wanted to have their defense on the field as long as we could.

LB Antonio Pierce

(On having a good defensive performance) [It was] one of the best ones that Ive been a part of, obviously. We had a lot of three and outs. We had turnovers. We got after the running back, we got after the quarterback. It was a pretty solid game overall.

(On if he anticipated the physical game based on previous weeks) Yes, we needed it. 250 yards rushing the week before you figure a team is going to come out there and challenge you. They have a great offensive line and three good tailbacks but our guys made up our mind all week. We played aggressive, everybody stayed in their gap. It was disciplined and we pretty much didnt give up anything.

WR Steve Smith

(On controlling the clock) Yeah, I think so. We did a great job of executing the game plan. Defense did a great job of making them go three and out and we just tried to sustain momentum and keep the ball.

(On level of confidence in the passing game) As it was before the season. Of course, when you do it in the game I think that builds confidence. We all knew that we can make plays and we just dont want to be satisfied and just keep doing it.

CB Terrell Thomas

(On heavy rush on Byron Leftwich) Yeah, he gave me a corner post and we just blanketed it with me and C.C. Brown. I was able to make a play.

(On plays like that turning the game) Exactly. As a defense we want to get turnovers and that was a big play for us. We just made them go three and out, offense just scored, and we gave the ball right back to them and went up 14-0.

DE Osi Umenyiora

(On having Leftwich on the run) Thats what we do. You know sacks come, sometimes they happen, sometimes they dont; but, as long as you are putting pressure on the quarterback I think as a defense you are doing a good job.

(On adjusting from last week to stop the run) Well, we are way better than we played last week. Everybody knows that. We knew that. Last week was just an anomaly so I think this week we went out there trying to prove a point and I think we might have done that.

(On Derrick Ward being on the opposing team) [Laughing] I was happy to see him but he wasnt going to do anything today.

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