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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-29-2001 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Tony Dungy "It seems like we play good games in December. It was a big challenge today. We played hard and there was a lot of energy in our stadium and that means a lot to us, especially at this time. We knew their defense was going to be good and it was going to be tough to move the ball on them. This was a big game. We stepped up in all areas. There was a lot of energy. The guys are playing together and we played good defense.

We have to keep the momentum going and play good ball."

On Derrick Brooks' interception return: "Derrick made a big one. Our offense was able to take it in from the one-yard line."

CB Donnie Abraham "The chemistry is there. We just have to build on it and be patient with it. People doubted on us, but we weathered the storm. The rains came, but we hung in there. Now we look like a Monet. We are on the verge of something good, but we just have to take it step by step and we can't look ahead."

QB Brad Johnson "It seemed like the defense stepped it up big tonight and played tremendously. We had good field position and Derrick (Brooks) gave us the touchdown down there. It was a huge momentum swing and we played Buc football tonight.

We pride ourselves on turnover ratio. If there are no turnovers, you are going to be in every game. We had to keep the ball away from Baltimore."

On the offense: "We were not as explosive on offense but we did good enough to win. The last two weeks have been two critical games and we had to win them. It seemed like we struggled a little bit and had to settle for field goals, but again it was a huge win."

TE Todd Yoder "It was a perfect play. I had been lining up over center pretty much the whole game. I was just able to come through scot-free and get a perfect jump on the ball. I am just happy it turned out to be a big play that led to a score."

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