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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20 Questions with Donnie Abraham

Buc fans run redhot cornerback through traditional 20 questions


CB Donnie Abraham has five interceptions in his last three games

At the conclusion of Thursday's Fan Chat with Buccaneer fullback Mike Alstott, online fans submitted questions for the next Player of the Week, CB Donnie Abraham. Abraham, who is tied for the NFC lead with six interceptions, including five in his last three games, sat down on Saturday after the team's final walk-through to answer 20 questions selected from those submissions. Fans will get the opportunity to ask Abraham questions directly on Thursday, December 16 at 5:00 p.m. when he appears as a guest on's second live chat session.

(Questions below are not necessarily worded exactly as they were submitted)

Bud1951: What was your most memorable interception? Donnie Abraham: The one Monday night! That was a great play, something that you don't see very often. I'll probably never do that again, so it's definitely my most memorable one…along with my first one. I gotta say my first one…John Elway!

Dupe: Do you have any pre-game rituals that you adhere to every week? Donnie Abraham: No.

Boogeyman: How does it feel to be having a great year, maybe heading to the Pro Bowl? Donnie Abraham: It feels great. When you do well, you have confidence in yourself and you keep it rolling.

1stDown: Do you hope to retire with the Bucs? Donnie Abraham: I hope so. I would love to stay with one team my entire career. Hopefully, that can happen.

Tbaybucs: Do you think that the Bucs are a defensive-driven team? Donnie Abraham: We thrive on offense, defense and special teams. Right now, the defense is playing pretty good. There are going to be times when the defense won't play as well and we'll need the offense to bail us out. Everybody watches each other's back.

Xgoalie: Is there a team that you hate the most, that you get up to play against? Donnie Abraham: No, I don't think so. I love to play everybody, especially in our tough division. You've got to love playing these guys all the time.

Kruger140: How does it feel to be leading the NFC in interceptions? Donnie Abraham. Great! Hopefully, I can continue to get some and lead everybody in interceptions. That would be awesome.

Ramchip: Is there a single person who has had the most profound impact on your life? Donnie Abraham: Besides the Lord, there's really not one person…it's my family. My mom, dad, sisters, my wife, kids…my family is just one big happy family.

Dupe: How do you explain your recent hot streak? Donnie Abraham: I don't. That's just one of those things you can't explain. You just get hot…I guess you could say it's being in a zone. If that's what it is, I don't want to get out of it!

Bigbucsfan: Have you always played cornerback or did you ever play on offense? Donnie Abraham: I always played corner, besides pee-wee football. That's when I played other positions, like quarterback and running back.

Mark147: Do you think the playoffs are almost guaranteed for the Bucs now? Donnie Abraham: Nothing is guaranteed, but if we take care of business and win one game at a time we can slide right into the playoffs.

Nybucsman: Do you play more zone or man-to-man in the Bucs' defense? Donnie Abraham: We play more zone here. We switch it up…at certain times we play man, but it's mostly zone.

Bigbucsfan: What do you like to do in your free time? Donnie Abraham: Just hang out with my family and play with my kids.

Superbowlbound: Do you like Tampa? Donnie Abraham: Yeah, a lot. followup question: What do you like about it? Donnie Abraham: Well, I'm from a small town, so anything that's pretty big, I'll probably like. But Tampa's pretty cool. You have a lot of surrounding things, like Busch Gardens just down the road, Disney World just an hour away. There are a lot of things you can do here, a lot of family activities.

Dano: Have you been playing through any injuries this year? Donnie Abraham: Besides the normal bumps and bruises that a football player gets, I guess not.

Zedster: Do you think this is the best defense in the NFL? Donnie Abraham: Of course I do!

Bucfan40: Do you hang out with anybody in particular on the team? Donnie Abraham: I used to hang out with Jerry Ellison a lot when he was here. Ronde (Barber)…just guys in general. If we're going to go somewhere, we go together.

Dupe: Who's the toughest receiver you've had to cover in the NFL. Donnie Abraham: I can't pick just one. Every receiver brings a different aspect to the game. I always say that being in the NFC Central you have a tough receiver to play against every week.

Mark147: How did it feel to make that interception against the Vikings and see all of that open field in front of you? Donnie Abraham: It was like a dream! When I was running and scoring, I was saying, 'Wow, this is really happening. I'm really scoring.'

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