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23 Proposed Rule Changes at NFL Meetings

On Tuesday, teams will vote on 23 rule changes proposed for the 2015 season.

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From Monday to Wednesday, owners from each of the 32 NFL teams are meeting in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss ways to improve the game. Among the topics being discussed are several ways to expand and improve instant replay.

Of the 23 proposed rule changes, the most in the past three years, 13 of them pertain to instant replay.

Other proposed changes include the ability to challenge penalties, moving back the extra point and an option to kick a 50-yard field goal following a successful two-point converstion to add a ninth point to scoring plays.

Below are all 23 rules owners will be voting on:

  1. Coaches can challenge anything, except for turnovers and scoring plays.
  1. Coaches should be able to challenge all penalties.
  1. Coaches should be allowed to challenge all personal fouls.
  1. Personal fouls should be reviewed without a coach challenging it.
  1. All penalties that result in an automatic first down should be reviewable.
  1. On plays where a call has been switched from a fumble or interception to an incomplete pass, officials can enforce a penalty on a defenseless receiver.
  1. All penalties against defenseless receivers should be reviewable.
  1. The number of coach's challenges should be increased from two to three.
  1. Automatic reviews should include plays that would result in a touchdown if overturned.
  1. The game clock should be reviewable on the final play of the half or game.
  1. Whether the play clock expired before the ball was snapped should be reviewable.
  1. Fixed cameras should be placed on all boundary lines at every stadium to provide instant replay angles.
  1. Stadium-produced video should be used for instant replays, not just TV tape.
  1. Extra points should be moved from the two-yard line to the 15-yard line.
  1. If a two-point conversion is successful, teams should have an opportunity to gain an extra point with a 50-yard field goal.
  1. Prohibit players from pushing teammates while rushing punts.
  1. Both teams should be guaranteed a possession in overtime.
  1. "Peel back" blocks should be illegal for all offensive players.
  1. Provide an intended defenseless receiver protection following an interception.
  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties at the end of the half should be enforced on the following kickoff.
  1. It should be illegal for a running back to chop block a defenseless opponent outside the tackle box.
  1. Linebackers should be allowed to wear numbers 40 to 49.
  1. Offensive players with eligible numbers shouldn't be allowed to report as ineligible and line up on the outside of a formation.
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