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4 Takeaways from Lavonte David's Presser

A few notes from Lavonte David's press conference at One Buccaneer Place after the linebacker had agreed to terms on a contract extension.



*1. David's family was front and center. *
About a half dozen of David's family members attended the press conference at One Buccaneer Place. They sat in the first and second rows while David answered questions from the media. "They were there every step of the way," David said. "They got me started in little league when I was six years old, watching my older brothers play, watching my cousins play. Through everything, all of the bad and all of the good, they were right there and always had my back. They were always in my corner."

2. Jason Licht believes David's one of the best draft picks in team history.
"Lavonte, he's just special," Licht said. "It's our philosophy to draft well, which I think we've done. Luckily, Lavonte was part of the draft here (and) was one of the best draft choices in the history of this franchise."

3. David didn't, for a second, considering holding out.
It wouldn't have been surprising to see a player in David's contract situation hold out during training camp until a new deal got done. David said he hadn't considered that and that, as a captain, he had the responsibility to be out on the field with his teammates working just as hard as they were.

4. David wants to see his success motivate kids.
Throughout his press conference, David reiterated how important it was to be able to use his story to motivate young kids. "When you come from where we come from," David said of he and his family, "not a lot of people get these kinds of opportunities. So I have the opportunity to set the foundation and motivate kids in my community."

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