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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5 Takeaways from Hard Knocks, Episode 4

A few notes from the fourth episode of Hard Knocks.

1. Renovations at Raymond James Stadium were featured.
This past weekend, the Buccaneers unveiled several new upgrades at Raymond James Stadium. One of those – the team's new locker room – was featured prominently at the beginning of the episode. Hard Knocks has also been following the development of the team's new indoor practice facility.

2. Chris Godwin made an appearance.
With how well he played during training camp, it's surprising that Godwin didn't debut on Hard Knocks until the fourth episode. The show featured a clip of General Manager Jason Licht discussing Godwin's maturity, along with several clips of big plays from practice. NFL Films' camera crew stopped by to visit Godwin and his girlfriend at the gym, too.


Pictures of the Buccaneers' enhanced locker room.

  1. Raving about Jameis Winston.  **
    During a conversation in his office, Licht raved over Winston and his ability to lead. Also featured in that clip was a segment suggesting that Jackson had bigger offers from other teams, but was willing to negotiate because he wanted to play with Winston. That whole scene is worth watching again.

4. The music has been excellent.
This really applies to all of Hard Knocks so far, not just the fourth episode. It seems like after every episode there are dozens of tweets looking for the names of the songs that are being played. Whoever has been putting together the soundtrack is already in mid-season form.

5. There can't be too much Chris Baker. 
Baker has only been a Buccaneer for a few months, but has been one of the most prominently-featured players through four episodes of Hard Knocks. It's not by mistake - he is one of the team's most entertaining players. Baker has made sporadic appearances throughout the season, including the fourth episode on Tuesday night. There's no reason to believe he won't be in the finale, too.

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