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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Staff Joins Dolphins Charity Event

Six Tampa Bay Buccaneer employees took part in the Dolphins Cycling Challenge last weekend.


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From September to January – the Bucs and Dolphins are in-state rivals. But once the season ends, the two teams have shown they can come together, especially when it's supporting a great cause.

Last weekend, six Buccaneers employees took part in the Dolphins Cycling Challenge, a biking fundraiser which raises money for the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami.

Partaking in the event were Caleb Quaid - Senior Manager of Business Administration, Kristin Houston - Director of Human Resources, Zack Lumley - Business Administration Assistant, Dan Boyd - Guest and Member Relations Associate and Network Administrators Alex Bohne and Steve Rutkowski.

"This is the Dolphins Cycling Challenge's fifth year," said Caleb Quaid, the Bucs' Senior Manager of Business Administration. "At its largest, it's a 2 day, 176-mile bike ride, but there are distances for all levels of riders. Team Buccaneers had eight people who did 72 miles and two who did a shorter route."

"It was special for me to bring 'Team Buccaneers' to the event, as I used to work for the Dolphins, and was involved in the planning of the ride from the beginning," Quaid said. "I was a member of the DCC board for the first three years, and saw firsthand how special an event it is."

The charity event has raised 9.9 million dollars since its inception and will raise over four million in 2015. The ride spans three counties and over 30 jurisdictions and involved more than 2800 riders, 1000 volunteers, and 450 police officers. 

The Bucs staff members represented the organization with team uniforms and practiced together leading up to the event.

"We got together five or six times to do rides up to 50 miles out there to train for it," Quaid added. "We got custom jerseys and showed our comradery with a fellow NFL team in the Dolphins Cycling Challenge."

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