Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Evans Excited to Work for "Offensive Guru"

Mike Evans is looking forward to playing another season under Dirk Koetter.

On Friday morning, the Buccaneers announced that Dirk Koetter would be taking over as the team's 11th head coach. Koetter's arrival was well-received by several players, including wide receiver Mike Evans.

Under Koetter in 2015, Evans recorded his second-straight 1,000-yard receiving season and helped the Buccaneers finish No. 5 in the NFL in total offensive yards.

"Dirk is a great coach," Evans said. "He's easy to relate to and talk to, and it was great playing for him this past year. He has a good sense of humor, he's fun to be around, and he can coach his butt off."

Evans has all the reason to be excited that Koetter will be at the helm in 2016. Koetter specializes in working with quarterbacks and helped Jameis Winston throw for 4,042 yards in 2015, the third-most ever by a rookie. With Winston succeeding, Evans' role will continue to expand.

"Our offense had a lot of success and he did it with a rookie quarterback, a great player in 'Jaboo' [Jameis Winston], so that says a lot," Evans said. "Dirk is great with Jameis. He's an offensive guru and he knows how to get mismatches against a defense. I think he'll be a great head coach."

With Koetter taking over, the Buccaneers will be looking for a new offensive coordinator. Forunately for Winston and Evans, that does not involve learning a new system. During his introductory press conference, Koetter said he would remain the Bucs' offensive play-caller.

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