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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fan of the Week: Dan Brewster

Our newest winner’s face may look familiar, but his Buccaneer spirit is hard to duplicate


Fan of the Week Dan Brewster likes to put his game face on in the parking lot

Some guys put their game faces on in the locker room. Others wait until they hit the field, or until kickoff.

Dan Brewster does it in the parking lot.

Brewster is the most recent winner of the Fan of the Week contest, and he's known to fellow fans in his section at Raymond James as the Buc Fanatic. It takes a little extra preparation to get into game gear, so while Buccaneer players are mentally preparing themselves for the battle ahead, Brewster is quite literally 'putting on his game face.'

Brewster's intimidating white, black and red getup is there every game above the visitors' tunnel, ready to intimidate the Bucs' opponents. You may even recognize his visage from the Fan of the Week graphic. But it is Brewster's spirit and not a gallon of face paint that makes him our featured fan of the week.

This Tampa native has grown up a Bucs fan, but his passion began to grow in 1993, and he hasn't missed a home game yet. To him, every part of the experience is special, from walking down the aisle to his seats to hearing the cannons fire to leading nearby fans in a rowdy cheer.

The experience will only get better for Brewster, who has been invited to attend a closed Buccaneers practice as the prize for his selection as the Fan of the Week. Each week's winner is given this privilege, though out-of-town winners may opt instead for a prize package to be sent in the mail. For information on how to enter the Fan of the Week contest, please click here.

Can you match Brewster's spirit? That could be tough. Then again, there are many ways to put your game face on.


Like all previous winners, Brewster was asked to submit to our Fan of the Week 10 Questions, designed to offer a little peek into each superfan's obsession. The results of Brewster's interview follow:

How long have you been a Buccaneers fan and what is your first memory of rooting for the team?

"Well, I've been a Bucs fan as long as I can remember. I know my dad started watching them when they first came into the league. I guess my biggest memory was the September game in 1993 when Joe Montana came with the Kansas City Chiefs. I've been a die-hard every since.

"I started really paying attention to what was going on and learning football when I was about 10 in 1979."

What is your most prized Buccaneers possession?

"That's tough. I've got a lot of stuff. I haven't been fortunate to get a lot of things signed, which would make them more prized. My Warren Sapp jersey would probably be it."

Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you follow for every game?

"We've got a little ritual before the game, when we're in the parking lot. My brother-in-law and I put our game faces on. We've been wearing our pads for a couple of years now and we paint our faces and get ready. It can get a little messy.

Do you have a Buccaneers-decorated room? Please describe.

"My office is pretty Buccaneer-ed out. It's got all my footballs, flags, banners and everything."

Who is your favorite Buccaneers player, current and all-time?

"Currently, I'd have to go with Keyshawn Johnson. I think he's turned it around and is really an all-around player. He hasn't made the end zone yet this year, but he's there to make every catch, he makes the blocks downfield and he just seems to be a good man.

"I don't think I have a particular all-time favorite."

If you were the Buccaneers general manager or head coach for a day, what move(s) would you make?

"I'd probably try to stretch the offense a little more, throw in a few trick plays once in awhile to catch the defense off-guard. Once in awhile, I'd go deep to try to get the long ball or pass interference, to just stretch the field a little bit."

Describe the items you wear (including any face paint or other skin adornments) on game day?

"It all depends on if it's a night game or a day game. If it's an early game, we don't paint up as much because we sweat and it runs. I've got my 99 jersey with football pads underneath and definitely a lot of beads around my neck. I've got camouflage shorts – red, white and black – and red, high-top Converses."

How does your family feel about your Buccaneers obsession?

"They're good with it. My wife's good with it. Our son, he's turning into a Bucs fanatic. My mom's on my side, although she's from Minnesota. That's good, because we've got some Minnesota family and it gives us a rivalry, which we will miss next year."

Describe the Bucs' most memorable game since you began rooting for the team?

"I'd have to say the Monday night game against the Rams is the best game I've been to."

Simply put, why are you a Buccaneers fan?

"I love football and I love rooting for the home team. I can't see rooting for a team from somewhere else. So many years we sat there whether they won or lost. It's just the energy of being there at the game and joining with everybody to root for the home team."

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