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Kwon Alexander Seeking Out Derrick Brooks

The Bucs' young linebacker has been looking forward to working with Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks.

Derrick Brooks has set the standard for linebacker play not just in Tampa Bay, but in the NFL. Throughout his career, Brooks was selected to the Pro Bowl 11 times, paving his way into the Hall of Fame. It only makes sense that a current Buccaneer would want to learn from one of the best.

About a week ago, a Tweet came across Kwon Alexander's timeline – "watching @DBrooks55 highlights," it read. Alexander followed that Tweet up with, "Gotta get up wit @DBrooks55 to pick his brain!"

During a press conference at the start of offseason workouts, Alexander said he was anxiously awaiting an opportunity to sit down with the Buccaneer great.   

"I'm trying to schedule a meeting next week," he said. "I'm just trying to pick his brain. He's a Hall of Famer, so that's where I want to be one day so I'm trying to get everything – whatever he gives me, I'm going to take it all in and help my teammates, too. So everything he gives me, I'm just going to go out there and use it against everybody else. Me and my teammates, too."

The two have met in passing since Alexander arrived in Tampa Bay last spring, but that's been about it.

"Well, I've said, 'What's up' or 'How you doing,' but nothing football-wise," Alexander said. "That's why I'm trying to get with him and meet with him and hear what he has to say."

The Bucs will meet with members of the media on Wednesday, but it's unlikely Alexander will speak after holding his press conference last week. It appears that Brooks has received the message, though, and is interested in working with the young linebacker.

"We will meet up soon," he responded to Alexander's Tweets.

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