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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Let's Play 21 Questions!

If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up draft weekend, enter the annual contest in our Draft Central section…It’s easy and fun, and you could win valuable prizes!


First-overall pick Alex Smith wore a silver tie last year...could you have predicted that?

Are you up for a little game of "Twenty-One Questions?"

If so, we hope you like competition, because hundreds of your fellow Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are already in the game.

In this case, we refer to the engaging contest you can find in the Draft Central section. If you haven't found it yet, you may want to hustle…there are less than two weeks remaining before the 2006 NFL Draft, and thus less than two weeks left to test your draft prediction skills.

It's easy, and it's fun. Our evidence for this claim: In the first 48 hours after the contest was launched, more than 900 entries were submitted, all potential winners of some very valuable Buccaneer prizes. Since attention on the draft will only increase between now and the weekend of April 29-30, that trickle of entries is likely to become a torrent by the deadline of midnight on Friday, April 28.

So check it out. You'll find that some foreknowledge of the draft is helpful, but not necessarily crucial. In other words, you don't have to be Mel Kiper to win the "Twenty-One Questions" contest, you just have to be good at predicting the future.

What do we mean? To win the contest, you must score the most points while answering 21 draft-related questions, many of them centering around the Buccaneers. Each question has a pull-down list of possible answers from which to choose. After the draft, when the answers have been determined, the entries will be judged, awarding one point for each correct answer. Here's a small sample of the type of questions you'll be asked to answer:

1. Who will the Buccaneers draft with their first overall pick?

5. Which team will be the first to trade up after the draft has begun?

7. How many defensive backs will be drafted in the first round?

12. In what round will the first kicker or punter be drafted

17. How many of the 32 picks in the first round will change hands at least once before being used?

21. What will be the primary color of the tie worn by the first player selected in the draft when he comes onstage in New York?

Okay, so we got a little silly with that last one, but hey, this is supposed to be fun. You'll also notice that we here at didn't assume that USC's Reggie Bush would be the first overall pick, though you are free to feel otherwise when deciding upon your final quiz answer.

Now, in the immortal words of Jeff Probst: "Want to know what you're playing for?"

We're glad you asked. As it does each year, the Draft Central contest is offering up some very valuable prizes, three packages in all. Here's a run-down of what you could win:

Grand Prize: Four (4) tickets to the 2006 Buccaneers regular-season game of your choice; First Runner-up: Two (2) tickets to the 2006 Buccaneers regular-season game of your choice; Second Runner-up: Official Buccaneers hat and t-shirt.

( Out-of-town winners who do not wish to accept tickets will be offered an alternate prize package.)*

That's the good news for all of those thinking about entering. Here's the bad news: This contest happens to have a ringer, or at least we're guessing it will. Against astronomical odds, the same entrant has won our draft contest two years in a row. His name is Chris Brown, and you'll have to unseat the champ if you want to take home the prize.

In 2004, Brown correctly predicted eight of 11 picks in the draft, the first 10 and the player the Bucs would take at 15. That beat out a field of thousands of entrants. Last year, in a contest similar to the one running this year, Brown answered 11 of 20 questions correctly to retain his title. The result of this Kiper-esque performance – two straight seasons with a trip to Tampa for the California native.

It's up to the rest of you, then, to keep Brown from pulling the hat trick. The odds against a three-peat are huge, of course, but we know better than to count the champion out.

So visit the Twenty-One Questions page now and give the contest a try. If you happen to change your mind on any of the questions between now and the draft – who knows what big developments there will be in the NFL over the next 12 days – there's no need to worry. We will accept up to five entries from each e-mail address.

Got the time? We've got the questions. And the prizes!

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