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Licht, Smith on 2nd & 3rd Rounds

Head Coach Lovie Smith and General Manager Jason Licht met with the media on Friday after the conclusion of the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Here are five takeaways from their press conferences.


QUOTES: LOVIE SMITH, JASON LICHT1. Donovan Smith will play left tackle, for now.
On his conference call, Donovan Smith said he can play every position on the offensive line except for center. During his press conference, Lovie Smith told the media that Smith will be playing left tackle for the time being. "Everything you're looking for in a left tackle, that's where we'll start him out," Coach Smith said. "We feel like he has – we think he's going to be an excellent pass blocker and of course we feel like he can really be a good run player, too."

2. With Donovan Smith at left tackle, Demar Dotson will likely play on the right.
General Manager Jason Lich expects to have Smith on the left and Demar Dotson on the right in 2015.  "The plan that we've talked about is Demar staying on the right side, where he's been a very good player," Licht said.


  1. Ali Marpet will start out playing guard.**
    Marpet, like Smith, is versatile. But he will line up at guard, not center, to start. "We're going to play him at guard," Smith said. "He's got a tremendous skill set. He can play center, too."

4. Ali Marpet was one of Licht's favorite players in the draft.
Licht said that Marpet was the kind of player that he rooted for. "Perhaps my favorite guy – and Lovie will tell you the same thing – in the draft of O-line was Ali Marpet, just in terms of him being a small-school guy that you rooted for," Licht said. "Not saying that we liked him better than Donovan, but just a guy that we rooted for."

5. Donovan Smith's performance against Randy Gregory stood out to Licht.
Smith had a strong performance against Nebraska pass-rusher, Randy Gregory, who many analysts graded as a first-round talent. Lich mentioned that particular game as one that caught his eye. "He kind of first jumped out at us watching him in 2013 tape against Randy Gregory," Licht said. "Of course, we've watched all the tape now. A big guy, very good athlete, powerful guy, good run blocker, good pass blocker, we're going to start him off on the left side."

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