Tampa Bay Buccaneers

People Can't Keep Me Down

A poem by a Brooks' Bunch member Michael Sales

Michael Sales, a 15-year-old at Tampa Blake High, who aspires to be a professional basketball player, is in his fourth year of taking annual trips with Derrick Brooks. He put together this poem in appreciation:


People can't keep me down by telling lies They may try to dim my spiritual eyes They may treat me like an old plow But Derrick Brooks will raise up even more

Stealing from me won't drive me mad Derrick doubles my losses, which makes me glad If I'm sick and wounded, grave in the ground I'll just go to Derrick, he'll find the upper bound

People can't keep me down using me as a cover book Because Derrick knows all my chapters, with much more to include People may scrutinize me, brutalize me and criminalize me But they just don't know God is the almighty

I may not climb the highest mountain or swim the largest sea But long as I'm in the Brooks Bunch I know I'm free If I'm down and out, needless to say Derrick will tell me get down and pray

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