Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings

Power Rankings are popping up all over the internet after the NFL Draft. Where do the Buccaneers land in the experts preliminary rankings?

NFL.com, Elliot Harrison
RANK: 20
Previous: 20
Change: --
NFL Top 5: Panthers, Cardinals, Steelers, Packers, Broncos
NFC South: Panthers (1), Falcons (19), Saints (30
Comments:The Bucs must be trying to get back to the early 2000s. The entire draft was dedicated to defense, special teams and physical players. Four of GM Jason Licht's seven selections boosted the D, while the two offensive players were a 305-pound tackle (Caleb Benenoch) and a fullback ( Dan Vitale). The latter can catch the football, which gives him a solid shot of making a contribution. Pretty cool that he was taken on a day that Dick Vitale announced one of Tampa's picks. But there's no relation, BAY-BEE!

USA Today
RANK: 22
Previous: 24
Change: 2
NFL Top 5: Cardinals, Patriots, Panthers, Broncos, Steelers
NFC South: Panthers (3), Falcons (19), Saints (24)
Comments: QB Jameis Winston has slimmed down and the pass defense has ramped up. In his first year, Dirk Koetter must show Tampa Bay was right to move on from Lovie Smith.

CBSSports.com, Pete Prisco
RANK: 26
Previous: 23
Change: -3
NFL Top 5: Patriots, Cardinals, Bengals, Packers, Seahawks
NFC South: Panthers (6), Falcons (21), Saints (28)
Comments: They are a team to watch in 2017. I think 2016 will be a year of growing for a lot of young players. They did add some nice pieces on defense in the draft. Oh, they also got a kicker in the second round.

RANK: 29
Previous: 28
Change: -1
NFL Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Packers, Seahawks, Cardinals
NFC South: Panthers (2), Falcons (20), Saints (27)
Comments: The Bucs fired their coach after their franchise quarterback's first season -- a move that looks patient by the Titans' standards but makes you wonder how close they believe themselves to be. If nothing else, this could be a fun developmental year for Jameis Winston and his receivers -- as long as the line can protect him.

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