Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Post Your Pride!

Now you can share your Tampa Bay Buccaneers spirit with everyone through myphoto Buc-It...Send us pictures you have taken that display your team pride and the enthusiasm of game day, and we'll post the appropriate ones on the Bucs' official Facebook page


You're the most enthusiastic Buccaneers fan in the world. You know it, your family knows it, that guy in the next row at Raymond James Stadium knows it.

Now everyone else can know it, too.

How? It's called "myphoto Buc-it," and it's your way to share your Buccaneer team pride with the rest of the world.

Have you taken any photos on game day - or at any time your Buc pride has struck - that came out particularly well? Do they capture what it means to be a Tampa Bay fan? Then share them with your fellow fans through myphoto Buc-it and everyone can share in the moment!

It's easy: Simply e-mail your best photos (of under 5mb of file size) to [photos@buccaneers.nfl.com](mailto:photos@buccaneers.nfl.com?subject=myPhoto Buc-It Entry). In the e-mail subject line, type "myphoto Buc-it entry." We'll do the rest.

Your best pictures, if deemed appropriate, will be added to the official Buccaneers Facebook page, which you can visit by clicking here.

Your submitted photos can be horizontal or vertical, and you should include a brief description of the image in your e-mail. Send them in now, see them go up on Facebook and compare your pride (and photography skills!) with other Tampa Bay fans.

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