Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Postcards from Africa: Monday, June 26

Antelopes, ostriches, penguins and, especially, baboons!

We started our day at 8:00 a.m. and drove along the coast halfway to Cape Pointe. At that point, we got off the bus and rode bikes the rest of the way to the Pointe (12 miles). At the Pointe, we had lunch right over the ocean. On our bike ride there, we saw antelope, ostriches and baboons. One of the baboons came right down to our group and stole Silas' bookbag from the back of the truck. The security group ran after the baboon and, after about 30 minutes, was able to recover the bag. Everyone got a big kick out of it!

Later, we stopped at Boulder Beach and saw the Jackass Penguins – they make noises just like a donkey and smelled like one also. Tonight, we took vintage cars to an exclusive restaurant in the city. We had lobster and steak and the kids gave a 'Thank You' plaque to Derrick. We're off to bed now after everyone packs up and gets ready for tomorrow. Bye!

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