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Postcards from Africa: Sunday, July 2

On to Swaziland

We woke again to the sound of drums and started the last game drive of our safari. Today we spotted giraffes anda leopard kill. After our drive, we had brunch and then started our journey to Swaziland. We drove through Kruger National Park where we saw more game animals. We had lunch at KFC along the way.

Swaziland is very rural and most of the housing we have seen is very modest (almost hut-like). Our hotel, Piggs Peak, is extremely nice and is known to be a nice resort for most South Africans looking for a vacation getaway.

We crossed the border around 4:30 p.m. and checked into the hotel around 5:30 p.m. We had dinner – steak and shrimp – at the hotel and are in for the night.

Tomorrow, we might get to meet the U.S. Ambassador to Swaziland, and on Tuesday, there is a possibility that we might get an invitation to the Embassy celebration, where we would get to meet the King of Swaziland, just before we depart. Bye for now!

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