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Postcards from Africa: Thursday, June 29

Brooks Bunch trades moves with tribal dancers in Lesidi Village

Today we went to the mall for an "American" breakfast. Then, we headed out to the Bruma Flea Market for about one hour of shopping. The kids bought a lot of good stuff! A crew from the CBS Early Show joined us for the day, and they got great footage of the kids bargaining at the market.

We then headed to Lesidi Village – a cultural village outside of Johannesburg – where we were greeted by members of various African tribes, including the Zulu and Xhosa. It was neat for the kids to learn the traditions, dances and customs of the different tribes. We toured the Lesidi Village and saw thatched-roof huts, hand crafts, musical instruments and tribal weapons. We were then seated in an open-air theater where we watched an African dance presentation. It was very authentic. The tribal dancers grabbed several of the kids to dance with them. Some of the kids (Natasha, Tiffany) showed the tribal dancers some of their 'stepping' moves.

After the dancing, we were treated to an African buffet. Then it was back to the hotel for the rest of the night. Bobby Wilds is hosting a spades tournament in room 206...about 12 kids are playing! Tomorrow, we're off to safari! See ya!

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