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Postgame Quotes

Postgame Quotes. 11/11/2013



(Opening statement)
"It's a good feeling to be able to stand up here after a win. I'm really proud of our guys. It had that same feel going down the back stretch, and our guys bowed up and made some plays in the clutch to win the game. That's something much needed and something that we'll build on now moving forward.

(On injuries)
"[Running back] Mike James fractured his ankle. Everybody else, we've got some nicks and things but I think we'll be okay. It's a short week so we'll have to find out more tomorrow, but with Mike, we know that, so we'll get that out to you."

(On having running backs Brian Leonard and Bobby Rainey step up)
"It's weird. We had, technically, three running backs go down this week, with Doug [Martin] being on IR [injured reserve] and with Mike getting hurt now and with [Jeff] Demps. So, to have the two remaining do such a good job – when we acquired Brian, we knew what kind of young man he is, and the character and the toughness and all those things, but he certainly stepped up. Then Bobby Rainey in – I don't know how long he's been here – two or three weeks, learning the playbook, and I thought the best thing he did is ball security; he saw it well, but sometimes you get a guy in there who hasn't played lately and that ball gets all over the place. They both did a good job. That's probably the way we're going to have to go, ham-and-egging with those two, and see what we can do."

(On winning a close game)
"In the National Football League, most of the games are close, but I think, when you have veteran players like [defensive tackle] Gerald McCoy who's a Pro-Bowl player, and a guy like [cornerback] Darrelle Revis and [safety] Dashon Goldson and a guy like [linebacker] Lavonte David, in that last drive, stepping up and [saying], 'This is not going to happen. Right now, right here, we're going to get this.' That's what you need. Then offensively, that offensive line – I think we rushed for like 140 yards against a really good front that decided they were just going to try to blast away in the second half – there's some veteran guys there. Then you mix in all those young rookies that are doing things. You've got to build off this, for sure."

(On the run defense)
"I think they really played well. The guy who has struggled the last couple of weeks, I thought [linebacker] Mason Foster stepped up and played really [well] – I'll have to see the tape, but I just saw him flying around out there tonight. And Lavonte David, every week. Then the interior guys – it's harder to see, but I bet you Gerald played very well, again. I thought our safeties supported the run well; Mark Barron seemed like a blur sometimes coming down hill. All those pieces fit together. When you can have an effort like that, two yards rushing, I think what that does, too, is the time of possession – I think we were like nine minutes plus in time of possession. When you run the ball for a buck-forty and you hold them to two, that's going to eat a lot of clock. We set out a couple weeks ago, saying, 'This is who we are. We've got to get back to who we are, running the football, throwing the ball [downfield].' We threw the ball down the field, some got some DPIs [defensive pass interference penalties]. Again, in this league, what's the difference? You catch it or not, you get the ball there. We've got to keep doing that, because [quarterback] Mike [Glennon] can."

(On the two sacks on Miami's final drive)
"I think they were huge. I don't think he [Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill] expected that look coming at that point. I thought it was a really good call by [defensive coordinator] Bill [Sheridan], both of them. Sometimes you save something for the end and he did, and it worked great."

(On David's safety)
"He's playing great. That was, really, a big, big play. And just the leadership – he's growing up. He made plays since he walked in the door, but now, he's become one of our leaders on defense as a second year player. In that last drive, at the two minute warning, I started to say a few things and Lavonte stepped right in the middle and took over, and I was really, really proud of him. There's a lot of great players on that field, in that defense, and Lavonte said, 'Right now.' That's good stuff."

(On Revis' performance)
"I think great players, the bigger the stage, the better they're going to be, but you look at what he's done the last three weeks – he's playing like his old self. He's thrown, legitimately, three shutouts. That's why, tonight, when they ran that double-move early in the game, he had pick-six on the brain. He's really playing at a high level right now, and that's what we need."

(On the atmosphere in the stadium)
"It was something, and I haven't been in this building, as the Bucs coach, with that feeling out there. It really was neat to be a part of, and certainly that's our goal, to get that to be the weekly feel at Raymond James Stadium. We've got a lot of wins to get that back here, but that's been, in the past, when I was coaching with the Bears, and after that, that was the look each week. So, we've got to do our part, that's for sure."


(How it feels to get first win)
"It feels really good.  It was a great team victory and it got off to a great start.  Then they started coming back and pulled the lead out, but to fight back as offense and score to take the lead again and the defense with those two great sacks. It feels like a great team victory."

(On closing out a close game)
"I know we really put an emphasis on once we took the lead, we wanted to run it down their throats.  Actually, on that touchdown drive, we really wanted to run it and we put it on the offensive line and said 'We're going to run the ball here.' Between them and the running backs, we really did a great job.  That was kind of a point of emphasis in the fourth quarter. We wanted to run it down their throats."

(On the running back committee)
"I think Mike [James] got off to a great start. First try with him, he went down the field. But Brian Leonard has been around for a long time and he's a very good football player and we all knew what he was capable of.  Then Bobby Rainey really stepped up. He's only been here for a few weeks, these are really his first meaningful reps and to do what he did shows that he is a real special player.  It looks like they are going to have to step up.  I think between those two, they did a really good job."

(On overcoming the injury to Mike James)
"I think Brian and Bobby are talented players.  Brian has been around for a while and we knew that [our] offensive line, they keep providing holes and are actually going to run harder and make the most of it.  It's tough losing those two guys [Doug Martin and Mike James], but we have some other guys that are really talented players as well."

(On breaking the losing streak)
"It feels good.  Hopefully now, the second half of the season, we can really get things going.  We've just got to keep playing the way that we're coached and we feel we will be just fine.  Short week for us to get back and ready for another."

(On what feelings the victory inspires)
"I think there is a little bit of everything.  It feels good to finally get that first one and now we know we have the confidence going in.  Last week, we played well, we just weren't able to win, we finally pull out this one.  Headed forward, I think we have a lot of confidence."

(On what Coach Schiano said about the win)
"It's just a collective, team-group [effort] and a lot of different players stepping up,  between defense at the end, those two running backs and a few other players along the way that really stepped up for us to help us win the game."

(On holding Miami to two yards rushing)
"That's unbelievable. Those guys up front, it seems like every play I saw [defensive tackle] Gerald [McCoy] or [linebacker] Lavonte [David] in on the play.  I know other guys were doing great as well but to hold that offense to two yards is pretty remarkable.  Our defense is playing really well."


(On the play call that led to his touchdown reception)
"I've been lobbying for it all season, so to finally put it back in – it's a great play, too, especially with how much power we run, so it was a great play. I was little nervous because they showed [me] on the big screen right before they called it, but a great pass by [quarterback] Mike [Glennon]. It's a good play, I like the play."

(On how it feels to get their first win of the season)
"It feels so good. Y'all don't know how tough it's been, how tough it's been on us, not [even on] the fans, but just on us – it's been tough. It feels great, especially on Monday night in front of all these people, in front of the whole world, it really showed what we got. Hopefully, can keep this thing rolling and not take a step back."

(On running back Bobby Rainey stepping up)
"Bobby's been here, he's been real quiet, but he picked up the offense real fast. He's like a little quiet assassin, he hasn't really said too much, though. When he's got that ball in his hands, he made a lot of stuff happen. It's good to have those guys step in and do that kind of stuff, I mean that's the name of the game. That's the nature of the beast in football, that's how I got my start, that's how a couple of other people got their start, it's the nature of the beast. I'm really proud of him."

(On the play of Tampa Bay's defense)
"The defense played their butt off. I think they [gave up] two rushing yards? The defense played their butt off, they played a great game, and to end it like that – brought [cornerback] Darrelle [Revis] in, big free agent, for him to end off with an interception was great. I felt very happy for him."

(On his touchdown dance)
"It was good, it felt real good. Like I told them, I've been lobbying for the play all year and they finally put it in. I was lobbying for it last year, too, but they finally put it there. It's a great play too because I stay at left tackle and we run so much power. It's a good play, I'm glad we were able to call it and we were able to execute it."

(On his celebratory goal post dunk)
"Y'all know I love basketball and the first time I [scored], I didn't know how to act, I lost my composure, so this time I had something planned and then I saluted to the troops with this being Veterans Day. They do a lot for us and they really go underappreciated, so I just tried to get them a little love because I really do appreciate everything that they do."


(On being ready when his number was called)
"I felt confident this whole week and then with the coaches feeling confident putting me in the game, my mindset was just [to] go in and do my job and protect the football."

(On being able to run the football well)
"I think we run the ball [well] every week, to be honest. It's just today, when we needed it, we got it done."

(On his 31-yard run)
"I think it was power. Like coach always taught us, stay inside the hip of the pulling guard and that's what I did. Basically I did everything I was supposed to do and then after I get to the second level then it's on me, that's what he said. I just saw the seam, everybody flowing, and I just decided to cut it back."

(On what it means to help this team get a win)
"My college career I saw some [tough] seasons and we went 0-22, [so] I know how it feels, I've been on that side. Coming here and knowing that we are struggling to get a win and like I experienced, just keep on pushing."


(On the progression of his knee recovery)
"It's feeling better, I'm getting a little bit more confidence in my game. I'm just trying to get back to my old self."

(On his interception on Miami's last offensive play of the game)
"It was fourth-and-27 and they tried to make a Hail Mary play. In that moment, when the ball is in the air, you never know who is going to come down with the ball. I just happened to sink in zone coverage and happened to jump up and catch the ball."

(On what tonight's win means for the team)
"A win cures everything. We've been 0-8 and been struggling to get wins this year, but it [feels] good to get our first win. Especially at home, [where] the fans were into it, it was Veterans Day. It was an emotional game for us and we knew the type of game it was going to be on Monday night as well. It's great; it's great for the fans. It's going to give us confidence to move forward week in and week out."


(On if getting a first win takes some pressure off the season)
"It feels good. I'll just kind of take a deep breath every couple of hours and then we'll get back to it on Wednesday."

(On the Tampa Bay defense closing out the game)
"That's how you win games and that's how you make a name for yourself. Not just players, but defense. Defenses make names for themselves at the end like that with big plays like that. Two sacks and then an interception – you can't beat that."

(On any differences on defense in the fourth quarter of this game over previous games)
"That's what I've been saying all year. We haven't been finishing on defense and I've been putting a lot of our losses on us because we've been in that situation probably four times this year. We haven't finished one and this was our first time finishing one. That's who we should have been all year."

(On his conversation with Warren Sapp pregame)
"One, I told him congratulations, and, two, he told me, 'Just go. Go get it.' And there was nothing else needed to be said. He told me to just go get it."

(On keeping momentum heading toward Sunday's game against Atlanta)
"Don't stop, don't get comfortable and don't be satisfied. Yeah, we just got our first win, but we should have had our first win. We want to keep doing this until the seasons over."

(On if it's fitting to close out a game with two sacks in honor of Warren Sapp)
"Yeah, I mean that's what he was known for was closing out a game. And not even allowing games to get like that. That's why his numbers up there. That's why he has on the yellow jacket. It felt good, though, it felt good."


(On winning the game)
"We've been working hard. We never quit. That last drive – we had that all year. We brought it amongst ourselves to step it up. We had to make a stop and that's what we did."

(On Warren Sapp and former Buccaneers being at the game)
"No better place to do it. Everybody that won the Super Bowl, I had watching."

(On what the first win could mean)
"You never know what's going to happen, man. We're trying to win them all to be honest. We're trying to win them all."


(On tonight's win)
"It's a good football team. We did what we had to do today and we are excited about it."

(On the keys moving forward after the win)
"Just continue to build off of the [win]. The team did a good job coming off a great game against Seattle, [where] we let one slip through. I think we built off that this week and we'll continue to keep building on these games, capitalize on all mistakes, and come up with these Ws."

(On how the defense was able to make big plays late in the game)
"Just settle down and keep playing football. We started fast, we wanted to finish fast. I think [defensive back Keith Tandy] did a good job stepping up and making some big plays for us. He stepped up and brought the defense along and told us, keep playing this game don't give up and that's what we did. Hats go off to our special teams, they did a good job with field position. We did some good things on special teams that helped out big time, too."



(Opening statement)
"I want to congratulate Tampa Bay and their staff. Their team played very well tonight, they deserved to win the game. We didn't play well enough in any phase of the game – offense, defense, or special teams – to win the game. The field position was in their favor and they did a great job. We had plenty of opportunities and they played better in the fourth quarter and they deserved to win."

 (On the outcome)
"They played better than us out of the gate. Film will say that when we watch the tape. They had better tempo, they controlled the line of scrimmage better, and you don't want to go on the road and dig yourself into a 15-to-nothing hole, which is what we did."

(On off field issues being a distraction)
"Not at all. We had plenty of time to prepare for this game. I thought we had a very good week of preparation for the game. In the NFL, you have a 16-game schedule and there's no excuses. Again, they played better and deserved to win."

(On not being able to move the ball)
"I think you just mentioned how critical that was. Again, we didn't move the ball well through the air, we didn't have any balance. That caught up to us at the end of the game when they pressured our guys; we were in retreat mode, pass blocking all day. They penetrated. We weren't going forward. It was a little bit of a reminder of Cleveland: we were going backwards with the number of times we were running the football and that we weren't getting any type of production, so we went to the pass. But, it hurts. The defense, again, they played better in the fourth quarter."

(On the loss hurting the psyche of the team)
"I just told them, there's a lot of football left to be played. November and December is going to determine who moves forward, and we have seven games left. We have a good San Diego [Chargers] team coming into town. We have to take a look at this tape and learn from the mistakes we made and take responsibility for it and prepare better and play better against San Diego."

(On the team losing focus)
"I thought our concentration was good. I don't know how many penalties we had in the course of the game. We didn't have a giveaway until the last play of the game, offensively, so I don't think we came out there and played very, very sloppy. Our tempo wasn't very good in the beginning of the game, but I don't think it was because our preparation."

(On the offensive line causing the lack of rushing production)
"We had the same offensive line for the vast majority of the game the other day. We ran the ball pretty well against a pretty good Cincinnati [Bengals] defense. Again, I think Tampa Bay had a good plan. I want to credit their players, they did a good job. We have to run the ball better. It's hard to win in the National Football League when you don't have any type of balance."

(On wide receiver Rishard Matthews' performance)
"He played well. He was very productive. We've said many times, he's a competitive guy. He likes to practice, likes to go out there. He payed well. He got open. He competed for balls."

(On the game getting the team away from the madness)
"We knew we had this game when they released the schedule, way back in April. We knew we had a Monday night game in Tampa, on November 11th. I'll say it again, I thought we had a good week of preparation, but the performance wasn't good enough."

(On the offense)
"The biggest thing I'm disappointed with offensively is the lack of run game production, offensively. We didn't have any type of way to keep them off balance. Our play action game wasn't as good, because we weren't able to establish the run."

(On the absence of guard Richie Incognito)
"Again, this is the same group that we beat a good Cincinnati team with and we'll take a look at the tape and take a closer look at the offensive line's performance. But, I thought we had plenty of guys ready to play and ready to win this game."

* *

(On distractions possibly affecting the outcome of the game)
"It's frustrating to come out and not play like we wanted to. I can't equate it to the week. I think we were ready to come in to this game. Yes, we faced a lot of distractions, but, before the game, leading up to this game, the last few days, I've had a good feeling that the guys are ready to play."

(On missing offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin)
"They were two starters so they were playing for a reason, but the guys that played today stepped up. I thought off the start they played pretty good. We didn't really have much pressure until the end. We needed guys to step up and they stepped up and played pretty well."

(On Miami's inability to run the football)
"It was definitely tough. We want to be a balanced team, a team that can establish the run game and use it to set up play-action. It's something that we'll definitely try to get back on track. We had a couple good games leading up to this. Obviously, this wasn't a great game, but [we] can't abandon it. We have to get back to work and see what went wrong."

(On the incomplete pass to wide receiver Mike Wallace)
"They brought a late pressure off the left side. [Wallace] ran a great double move and won. I just have to be able to make the throw. I was moving to my right, and I have to know that the ball, when you're moving to your right, is going to tilt further to your right. I got to make the throw. He ran a great route and did a great job of beating a good corner. I just got to make the throw."

(On if he worries about the psyche of the team)
"No. I think we got good guys on this team that understand adversity and understand how to handle it. This is a test. I'm not saying it's easy. It's not fun to deal with. I have faith in these guys that they can step up and be ready to play on Sunday."

(On if he's worried about the rest of the season)
"No, I'm not. I have faith in this team. I have faith in myself and faith in the guys around me. We're going to come to work tomorrow and start getting ready for next Sunday. Still taking it one game at a time. Obviously, we can't keep losing games. I have a lot of faith in the guys that we can get this thing headed in the right direction."

(On seeing good focus on the field after the distractions of the week)
"I don't think it was focus. It wasn't guys going the wrong way or running the wrong route. There were a couple of instances where I wasn't on the same page as the receivers. It wasn't lack of focus, just things that happen during the course of the game."

(On if it is hard to remain upbeat as a team)
"It's tough, but the more and more adversity hits you in the face, you got to step up and face it and be able to handle it. Life is full of adversity. Not everyone deals with a situation like this, but you have to be able to face it. The old adage: as many times a horse knocks you off, you get back on. That's the mentality I have and that's the mentality I think this team has and we just got to keep going."

 (On the unity of the team)
"I feel great. I feel like we've really come together over this adversity. This could've gone two ways: guys could split up and take sides by dividing the locker room or we could come together. I feel like we came together this week and this is another test. Are we going to pull tighter together or are we going to separate? I feel that we'll pull tighter together."


(On his screen touchdown pass)
"It was a check, we knew what the guys were doing. [Quarterback] Ryan [Tannehill] checked the play, [tackle] Bryant [McKinnie] put a good block on the outside and I was able to get in."

(On the game)
"I always think we're going to win, until the clock's done. We have to go into this next week and get ready for San Diego."

(On his altercation with Tampa Bay safety Dashon Goldson)
"He was just tugging at me a little bit on the ground and my helmet fell off. That's part of the game and he got flagged for it. It is just two guys playing football, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and he got flagged. It was nothing serious, just football."


(On distractions affecting the game)
"It wasn't about distractions. The Bucs came out and played a good game, they made more plays then we did, that's why they won. It was nothing to do with all of the stuff to do with what's going on; it's nothing, none of that. They just made plays, they made more plays when they had to then we did."

(On his pass interference call)
"All I can do is play. It's a call, I just play football. I can't ref the game either, it is what it is. Am I disappointed about it? Yeah, but I can't do nothing about it. I just have to play the next down."

(On the week of preparation leading up to the game)
"I had no problem doing that, we had no problem doing that. Throughout the week, we were all ready and we all prepared well. Of course there was stuff going on, we had a lot of media, more media then we usually have. As far as us getting ready for the game and prepare well. We came out here and played our game, they made more plays then us. I'm not taking anything away from Tampa, I'm not going to sit here and say it's because were distracted, Tampa won the game. They came out and played a good game today."

* *
(On the current state of the Miami locker room)
"The guys in this locker room, there's no quit in any of them, we fought to the end. They just made more plays then we did late in the game. You have to give them credit. So many games in this league are decided by the slimmest of margins, it's just one play here and one play there, they made the plays when they needed to, and we didn't."

(On the Miami run game)
"I attribute it to them playing better than we did up front. There are no excuses, ever. We should have obviously, in our opinion, ran the ball better. We have to go look at the tape and see what happened, it's tough to say at this point. Not a good job by us and a really good job by them."

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